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February 23, 2009

And the Golden Hanger goes to...

In the spirit of Joan Rivers' annual honors, here are my best/worst dressed for the night.


Amy Adams: She may not have won her category, but she wins best dressed in my opinion. This dress really grew on me as the night wore on. Her necklace provided a burst of color on a night that really lacked color diversity.

Angelina Jolie: She always wears black, so no surprise there, but the draping of the dress was beautiful and her emerald earrings punctuated the look perfectly.

Taraji P. Henson: Cute as a, well, button.

Anne Hathaway: I have a feeling the gold discs made this dress even more spectacular in person. I am referring to her red carpet dress, not the one she changed into for the ceremony (not sure why).

Freida Pinto: Still deciding my thoughts on this dress. I have a feeling it won’t age well, but she looks glamorous tonight.


Melissa Leo: Her dress reminded me of that Burnt Sienna crayon I never wanted to use.

Amanda Seyfried: She is young and beautiful but her dress was trying to do too many things at once, and did none of them well.

Viola Davis: I can’t remember the last time I saw that much gold lamé. I think I’m good for awhile.

Beyonce: She went for the classic Barbie gown but decided to have it made out of tapestry.

Heidi Klum: This was supposed to be modern but came across as more 2082 meets 1982.

Overall, this wasn't a very adventurous year for Oscars fashion. No true surprises and no real gossip fodder...no Bjork in a swan dress circa 2001. What did you think? Who were your best and worst dressed for the night?


My guess with Anne was that the red carpet dress was the fancy one she wanted to wear for the attention, but the other outfit was better for Hugh to be carrying her around in :)

Nice call, especially about Viola (who I really wish would have won, btw). Not many people can wear gold, and sadly, Viola falls into the "please don't wear it" category.

I'm not really sure what the point of this post is. I would think that as Christians we would be above criticizing something as unimportant as what people wear. It is one thing to be thinking those thoughts, but to post this here seems both pointless and rather rude.


I believe that this post is in good fun. Laura wasn't attacking them personally; I didn't read it that way at all. Finding the right dress for the Oscars is somewhat of an art, and it is always critiqued. This entire night she's been commenting on what people have been wearing. If she's going to give a best dressed list, it makes sense to do a worst dressed too.

Honestly, I think the post is light-hearted, and should be read with that in mind. Best and Worst Dressed is an inevitability, and I think it's obviously not a reflection of these actresses as people, but rather just an expression of fashion preferences.

The point of this post, oh anonymous, is to join in the conversation about who chose the classiest outfits and who didn't. There is nothing wrong with critiquing someone's choice of outfit. It's obviously all in fun.

Yes, all in good fun. Lighten up, friends! Laura's done a great job with this. I'm not much at critiquing dresses, but I thought Kate Winslet looked fabulous, and the way she wore her hair reminded me very much of the beautiful Grace Kelly.

Compare these images:
Kate: http://tinyurl.com/bsgozr
Grace: http://tinyurl.com/bevvfm

"Anonymous", just because you're a Christian doesn't mean you can't be into fashion...you probably don't read fashion magazines, but the "best/worst dressed" issues are always my favorite...and it definitely doesn't compromise my Christianity in my opinion...this was light-hearted and entertaining.

I disagree about Amanda Seyfreid and Beyoncé! I think they both looked great.

P.S. What about the men? I liked Dev Patel, Robert Downing, Jr., and Emile Hirsch.