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February 23, 2009

Best Costume Drama Award

"The Fashion Award" aka Best Costume Design, went to The Duchess. No surprise here, as period pieces generally win this category. I am happy to see this movie win; Keira Knightly played the fashionista of her day, and wore some truly beautiful, elaborate costumes. Great pictures are available here via the LA Times.


I think costuming is the best part of a period piece. And of course Keira always looks great in those. She was made to do period movies.

Looking at those pictures, I agree, the film deserved its win in this category. I like the style of the clothing of the 1950s, as in "Revolutionary Road," which I STILL have not seen!

I personally think Benjamin Button should have won instead. I think it was a great feat to be able to represent so many different eras of dress so seamlessly.