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February 18, 2009

God and the Oscars

ReligionLink takes a brief look at spiritually-infused films


ReligionLink, which helps to keep journalists aware of stories with spiritual angles, writes:

"The 81st annual Academy Awards ceremony is this Sunday, and as always there are plenty of religious issues to provide a substantive backdrop to the red-carpet glam.

"Films have long grappled with questions of ultimate meaning, and this year's crop is no exception. Whether it's the more overtly religious Doubt, based on John Patrick Shanley's Broadway production, or the "life is beautiful" fantasy, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, there's a lot of potential here for out-of-the-box stories. Frost/Nixon explores moral ambiguity, and The Wrestler is a redemption tale both for the main character and for its real-life actor, Mickey Rourke."

CT Movies plans to blog away on Oscar night, so please come join the party!

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