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February 23, 2009

It's OK Hugh, I Didn't See The Reader Either

Well, I tried. (And it wasn't that the Iron Man lines were too long as Hugh sang in the opening song.) Instead, The Reader was one movie I had to shut off this year because of my fear for what it was doing to my head. I made it about 30 minutes in and while I appreciated some of the art to it, I couldn't get past the nudity and sex.My wife and I decided to shut it off. This has rarely happened for me, but the sexual depiction of this relationship between Kate Winslet and a teen was too much for me personally.So this is one film I really can't judge tonight...

But back to Hugh, what did you think of the opening? I thought it was fun--but I missed a lot of the lines so I'll need to read a transcript of the song at some point. Anne Hathaway's inclusion was fun. And my favorite part was that they didn't cut away after the song's inclusion--instead, the camera caught what felt like a very real party.It's obvious that they're going for intimacy and informality. It's a good tone so far.