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February 19, 2009

Looking for Christ at the Oscars

A good read from screenwriter Brian Bird

Our friend Brian Bird has written a nice piece for Purpose Driven Connection about the relevant themes to be found in the five Academy Aware nominees for Best Picture.

Good insights throughout, but his conclusion is my favorite part:

"[S]ome films have the potential to be tremendous examples of art. And good art asks questions. Good films stir up cravings in people’s souls. . . .[A]s a Christian I want to be part of that world conversation, for big reasons and small. I want to have a ready answer when I’m standing at a water cooler and someone asks what films I have seen lately. I want to be able to engage people where they are, not expect them to come where I am. Whichever film wins on February 22, it’s going to present me with an opportunity for dialogue. And I plan to be ready."