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February 20, 2009

Milk Will Take It All

Sure, Slumdog took a zillion prizes but last minute upsets do happen. Slumdog peaked early but has picked up a sizable backlash in recent weeks, thanks in part to the controversy surrounding production's treatment of the adorable urchins playing young Jamal and Salim.

Slumdog's main liability is that it's just not a good movie (though that didn't stop Crash). Milk, on the other hand, is a phenomenal film on every level. Excellent storytelling, masterful acting, and an important message about living the truth. I'm well aware that many Christians will refuse to see this film because it's about a gay activist, but the genius of Milk is that director Gus van Sant finds the universal story here. Harvey Milk was a politician but Milk has a lot more going on that just a political agenda. If only all Christians would live as openly and fight as hard for their beliefs as Harvey Milk.

Anyway, I predict that Milk will take Best Picture and Best Director, and Sean Penn Best Actor.

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Wow. Well, first off I strongly disagree with your comment that Crash is not a good movie. Crash was a movie with an important message that was put forward in a very artistic way. It was a very well done movie, and I would have given it four stars if I had reviewed it.

Slumdog is not quite as good a movie, but it isn't a bad movie. I'd give it 3 stars. Milk might be a slightly more artistic movie, but it just is not as enjoyable. A good movie has to be both artistic and enjoyable to watch.

I compliment you on your honest thoughts about Harvey Milk, and the Movie "Milk". Harvey was a friend of mine, and we both relocated in San Francisco. I was from Chicago, and left in the early 1960's, because being gay, or just knowing someone who gay, was considered taboo. Being gay, does not make anyone a better politician, athlete or hairdresser...
just as being Jewish or Christian either... Harvey was a good guy, and he brought OUT the best in those who supported him or knew him. There were some time line and location changes in the movie... that do not take away from the fact... That it introduced Harvey and that era to millions and millions of people of all ages, both straight and gay, here in the USA and around the world, and for that we all should be thankful.