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February 26, 2009

Newsbites: The reboots and remakes edition!

1. Battlestar Galactica has already been rebooted for TV. But now that the series is winding down -- well, except for that upcoming prequel series Caprica -- the studio is thinking of rebooting the franchise again, but this time for the big screen. And this time, they'll be taking their cues from the original 1970s series, rather than the popular current version; original series creator Glen A. Larson is currently in talks to write the script. -- IGN.com, Hollywood Reporter

2. The ironically-named production company Original Films is planning to make a "contemporary version" of Total Recall (1990) for Columbia Pictures. -- Hollywood Reporter

3. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of a handful of people currently talking to Warner Brothers about rebooting The NeverEnding Story (1984-1994). -- Hollywood Reporter (x2)

4. Borat co-writer Peter Baynham will write a new version of the Dudley Moore comedy Arthur (1981) as a starring vehicle for Russell Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Bedtime Stories). -- Variety

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Why exactly would they go back to the old version of Battlestar. Yes, many people have nostalgic feelings for it, but the fact is that it was bad television even for the time it was made in. The new version has its problems, sure, but it is at least good television.

I can't see it working for the modern television audience. We don't have very high tolerance that sort of thing. There is a reason the new Battlestar is completely different from the old.