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February 23, 2009

Nixonian irony

It's funny to hear Michael Douglas say that Frank Langella makes all other interpretations of Richard Nixon fall away ... when Anthony Hopkins, the star of Oliver Stone's Nixon (1995), is standing right there on the stage with him. (With Douglas, that is.)


Great catch, Peter!

Seriously. Ironic indeed. Good thing Hopkins didn't turn into Hannibal Lecter at the moment and cannibalize the moment . . .

I just realized, Hopkins was even nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of Nixon! (He lost to Nicolas Cage for Leaving Las Vegas.)

Have any other actors been nominated for playing Nixon, too?

For what it's worth, my favorite big-screen Nixon to date is probably Dan Hedaya in Dick (1999). And no, he wasn't nominated.

What I thought was strange was that "SIR Ben Kingsley" (as announced was standing next to "Anthony Hopkins"--although Hopkins is also a CBE.