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February 10, 2009

No 'Doubt' About This Talent

Two Oscar nominees in a stunning scene

It doesn't take long to see why Meryl Streep and Viola Davis were both nominated for Oscars in this clip from Doubt at the NY Times site.

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On this movie. I was reeling from the very begininning and with the closing line by Meryl Streep, "I have Doubt" "I have such Doubt" I've been dying to share my thoughts on what the ending was about. I'd love to go in to great detail here and share every last little thing because I thought the movie was great but mainly I'd like to just throw out as briefly as possible my interpretation and hope that I will see some response from others. "I have doubt." she said. I believe she was experiencing a moment of crisis in her faith. I felt that it was clear to that point that Father Flynn had been outed and was guilty. By her closing conversation with the other ,sweetly nun, I believe that this case on Flynn was closed. The crisis of faith for her was when Father Flynn would be promoted and moved to another school to only continue what he had done there if not to a greater degree. The question going through her mind then would of had to have been, "Lord, I have stayed true to everything I know as right and stood against those things I knew were not, why are things ending like this, why is Father Flynn getting to go somewhere else now." So from this point is where my suspicions of the movie author or writer begin. I would love to know from what perspective was he writing. Was their intent to leave the ending open to such great interpreation. If so, why? What was the purpose. As a follower of Jesus, sure I have doubts and experience my crisis of faith just as Streep had exuded. But if the writer of the movie is not a Christian was he trying to place doubt in the minds of others and a vague sense in the moviegoers that truth is at it's best interpretive. Kind of rambling right now, but the movie only left me with a sense of "yeah, I've been there before." kind of thing as one when he trusts God and steps out in faith and into action, there are those crisis of faith. But for the ending to be in such a way that could only be created by the writer, there seems to be an obvious intent there that I'm not getting. Or maybe I am.