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February 22, 2009

Live from the Red Carpet

Hello all! I'm here to liveblog tonight's fashion. The preshow is actually my favorite part of the Oscars?the anticipation! The awkward interviews! The dresses!

As the stars begin to filter onto the red carpet, here's my most anticipated list:

Anne Hathaway- She is a style goddess. Her SAG Awards look (Grecian gown with loose, slightly messy hair) is the best I've seen at any awards show this season?how will she follow it up?

Kate Winslet- The favorite for Best Actress has a lot of pressure to wear the "right" dress. I have heard rumors that we might not actually see her on the red carpet; something to do with the show's promoters wanting people to tune into the ceremony to see the biggest names.

Freida Pinto- To this point in the awards season, her dresses have been a ton of fun - very colorful and exuberant.

Amy Adams- She always takes a fresh approach to old school glamour.

Meryl Streep ? Older women have more of a challenge when it comes to looking both age appropriate and fashion forward. Like Helen Mirren, she always pulls it off well.

Mickey Rourke
- The Best Actor-nominated star is guaranteed to keep it interesting. He's a wild card in every sense of the word.

Sean Penn- He can wear a classic tux.

So far we've only seen Miley Cyrus. I'm having trouble capturing images off my TV so I am going to direct you over to FabSugar for the picture. What did you think of her glittery gown? At first the petal effect on the skirt looked like scales, but I think I'm a fan now. It's a fun princess dress, and she's 16...go for it while you can!

Leave your thoughts in the comments as the big stars begin to show up, and I'll be back soon.


Kate Winslet's hair is VERY Grace Kelly. I think Miley's dress is just TOO MUCH. Too poofy, too glittery. Ugh. Amanda Seyfreid's is a much better example of young and fresh.