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February 23, 2009

Supporting Actresses Make a Statement

Taraji P. Henson is an early highlight (via FabSugar). As the commentators on E! noted, she is rocking a statement necklace. I love the dress. It's a cream mermaid dress with a floaty layer effect. She looks adorable, and, for the record, nothing like Brad Pitt's mom. No offense, Mrs. Pitt.

Another great statement necklace on Amy Adams, also nominated for Best Supporting Actress. She is also one of the many wearing red...an unusual choice, because she risks blending in to the carpet, but the colors in her necklace, along with the black piping on the upper half of the dress, dramatically sweep the attention up to her face.

More photos to come. What do you think of the style so far? Leave your comments below!


LOVE taraji p. henson's whole look. i like when the hair is just clean and natural, and not too "done"

i do love amy adams' necklace - it's kind of wild, but her face looks very natural to contrast

Is Philip Seymour Hoffman robbing a bank after the Oscars? Or is the very top of his head just cold?

Todd, I totally agree. I was working on a post about it as I read your comment. I suppose there's a possibility that he's worried about a wind sweeping through...

I think he's robbing a bank in a cold climate . . . I wish Daniel Craig had been dressed like that, actually, because seeing him in a tuxedo was sorta like seeing, well, James Bond. If there was anybody who shouldn't have worn a tux . . .

At first, I wasn't a fan of Amy Adams because usually there's more of a sense of lightness to her styling. But, upon further analysis, I actually really like her pairing of the chunky beaded necklace with pomegranate hues with the similarly colored gown.