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February 23, 2009

"The musical is back"?

Didn't Dreamgirls almost win Best Picture two years ago? Didn't Chicago actually win Best Picture six years ago? Haven't people been talking about the comeback of the musical for years now?

And since Mamma Mia! is what Hugh Jackman cited at the beginning of this sequence: when we use the word "musical", is a bunch of pop songs, shoehorned into a story that may or may not fit the lyrics, really what we have in mind?


I think it was mostly just a chance for ABC/Disney to plug its High School Musical stars...

I think when Hugh Jackman said that "the musical is back," I'm pretty sure he meant "movies about Nazis and WW2 are back." Understandable teleprompter-reading mistake.

I think that number actually stunk a bit.

Nazis and musicals! It's time for a movie version of Springtime for Hitler! (Oh, wait, the movie version of the musical version of The Producers kind of flopped at the box office, didn't it.)