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March 16, 2009

A Real Chick Flick; 'Narnia Code'; and More

Jack Chick in documentary; film unlocks Narnia's 'code'; 'C Me Dance' opens . . .

The man behind millions of evangelical tracts has been profiled in a new documentary called God's Cartoonist: The Comic Crusade of Jack Chick.

According to The Tallahassee Democrat, director Kurt Kuersteiner says the film has "taken on a life of its own . . . What was that John Carpenter movie (The Thing) where the head grew legs and ran off? That's what it's been like."

Producer Dan Wester says that Chick himself is "thrilled" with the film, which includes the tagline: "Can a comic book save your soul?"

BBC doc unlocks Narnia 'Code': The UK's Guardian reports that "C.S. Lewis included a secret code in the Chronicles of Narnia linking each story to a planet, according to a BBC documentary to be aired next Easter." The doc claims to have "uncovered the true hidden layer in the novels" and their "medieval cosmology, with each of the Christian and medieval scholar's books linked to one of the seven planets of the era's cosmology."

Hopeful 'Dance': A new Christian film about a young woman who loves to dance, but is now fighting for her life with a rare disease, says in its synopsis that "a wonderful miracle happens that causes Sheri to be able to bring people to Christ with absolutely no effort at all." Hmm . . . More: cmedancethemovie.com.


I believe that BBC documentary will be based off of Michael Ward's Planet Narnia book.

"I believe that BBC documentary will be based off of Michael Ward's Planet Narnia book."

correct - links to film background are here


SUFFOLK HUMANIST & SECULARISTS website slammed it, as can be expected. see some of my exchanges with them here


look on their site for their plans to demand "input" into religious programming on BBC.