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March 5, 2009

Arrested Developing?


The happiest movie-related news I've heard all week comes via MTV, reporting that the long-rumored Arrested Development movie is really, truly, 100% DEFINITELY going to happen. For serious this time. Yes, I know, this project has been on-again, off-again pretty much since the day the show was canceled, but you know this report is true, because Ron Howard says it is. And he would never, ever lie.

And man, when this thing finally comes out, I'll be jumping for joy. In my mini-bio here at CT Movies, I say that the combined three seasons of Arrested Development are my favorite film of all time, and I'm only half kidding. I suppose picking a TV series as my favorite movie is cheating, but I've watched the series (yes, the whole series) more than I've watched almost any film ever made, save for a few long-time, sentimental favorites, and I care more about the characters in that series than any movie characters I can think of right now. The whole show is just a perfect blend of the heartfelt and the absurd, the satirical and the silly. It's great comedy that never sacrifices great storytelling.

Of course, if you've seen the trailer for the upcoming Land of the Lost feature, you know that TV shows turned into movies aren't always well-advised (see also the announcements of upcoming adaptations of The A-Team and Yogi Bear), but then again, some of them work out pretty well-- see the Serenity film. And since this particular franchise dropped some not-so-subtle hints of a feature film in its final episode, I'm trusting that the storytellers have been planning this for some time, and won't disappoint.

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I 100% agree. I would say I'm embarrassed by how many times I have watched the series through, but when I think about it I'm actually not. At least a dozen things remind me of an AD quote everyday. I love so many things about this show, but what I love most of all is that the humor is (generally) achieved through characters and carefully developed situations rather than just punch lines. Of course that's also it's downfall because casual viewers miss so much of the humor. I am excited for the movie because I refuse to believe that Ron, Mitch, or the cast would allow anything less than the best for the AD movie.