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April 1, 2009

Gibson to Film 'Passion' Sequel

CT Movies exclusive: 'Resurrection of The Christ' due Easter 2010

Editor's note: Now that April Fool's Day is behind us, we'll fess up: This "news" story is a spoof. The 10-point "acrostic" below should've been evidence enough: Read the first letter of each line, going down vertically. Get it? Happy April 2nd.

CT Movies has learned that Mel Gibson is planning a sequel to The Passion of The Christ, to begin filming in May in southern Italy.

The film, titled The Resurrection of The Christ, is scheduled to release around Easter of 2010. Though the script has not yet been finalized, a source close to Gibson told us that the film will pick up where The Passion left off - with Christ in the tomb, rising from the dead. The storyline will include Christ's appearance to his disciples and many others, and carry through to the Ascension.

James Caviezel, who played Jesus in The Passion, is not available to resurrect the role, the source told CT Movies. When asked who was being considered for the part, the source said that Mickey Rourke, recently nominated for an Oscar in The Wrestler, was on the short list. He also said that Russell Crowe, Ewan McGregor, and "an unknown actor from Australia" were being considered.

The source told CT that Gibson wanted to accomplish 10 things in the new film:

A mazing miracles
P assionate acting
R esurrection power
I nspirational images
L ove of the Lord
F ollowing Jesus
O ne way to Heaven
O mniscience of God
L asting impressions
S alvation from sin

The source also told CT Movies that although the mainstream media might ridicule Gibson for this decision, the director was clinging to his favorite Scripture passage about being "fools for Christ" (1 Cor. 4:10).

CT Movies will continue to monitor the story, and report any new developments should they arise.

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OMG! I cannot WAIT to see this movie! The Resurrection rocks!

I was so moved by The Passion of The Christ. I hope and pray that Mel does as good a job with this one as he did with the first. This will make a wonderful Easter movie every year!

Sounds great, but I'm disappointed that Jim Caviezel won't be in it. I can't imagine anyone else as Jesus.

Rourke? As Jesus? Boy, I don't see it. Maybe he could have done this role in the original, but post-resurrection? Hmmm. I would have thought more of a Ethan Hawke type. He doesn't seem to be busy anymore. Well, if nothing else, I'm sure glad Gibson didn't choose Ewan McGregor though. Jesus wasn't Scottish!

Does this mean that the long-rumored prequel for The Passion won't happen?

As it happens, Mickey Rourke is going to star in a film called Passion Plays ... though there is no word yet on what, exactly, the movie will be about.


ha ha ha... maybe they should make it into a trilogy... The Passion: Judgment Day... I love April Fools

I have it from an Icon Productions insider that Joe Pesci has signed on for the part of Jesus.


I am very encouraged by this announcement. But I am concerned about the nature of the acrostic. Is it a spoof?

What's funnier...the April Fools joke or the comments???

Too bad this is an April Fool's Joke... :( I'd love to see a sequel.

Speaking of, is Tim LaHaye and Lionel Chetwynd's movie about the Resurrection-Ascenscion coming out anytime soon? I haven't heard much about it and the several release dates have come and gone, so it is a wash? If it is, then maybe Mel can have his sequel for real. ;-)

I woulda held out for Bruce Willis, or maybe Arnold Schwarznegger in the lead role....