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April 22, 2009

Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw to play real-life evangelical couple

Patrick Goldstein of the Los Angeles Times reports that Warner Brothers is making a movie based on The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game, a book by Michael Lewis about "Michael Oher, a 6-foot-5, 350-pound African American teenager who is transformed from a homeless vagabond to a star football player, largely thanks to Leigh Anne Tuohy, a dynamic evangelical Christian who helps provide him with a surrogate family and a shot at success in life." While the bulk of Goldstein's column looks at Quinton Aaron, the 24-year-old, 6-foot-8 and 380-pound actor who has been hired to play Oher, Goldstein also mentions that Sandra Bullock is set to play Tuohy, and Tim McGraw will play Tuohy's husband Sean. It's anybody's guess how prominent the religious themes will be in the film itself, but for what it's worth, when Collin Hansen reviewed the book for Christianity Today two years ago, he called it "a gripping tour through the world of college recruiting, professional football strategy, and the volatile mix of faith and sports" -- and the film is being written and directed by John Lee Hancock, who also directed the Dennis Quaid baseball movie The Rookie (2002), so that bodes well, at least.

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For what it is worth, Michael Lewis, the author of "The Blin Side" is perhaps best known for his earliest book, "Liar's Poker", written two decades ago, exposing the greed and chicanery on Wall Street, a theme that resonates today. He has always shown a fondness for themes that turn away from selfishness and towards doing good.

I think this movie will be fantastic because Sandra Bullock will be starring in it :)

I know this movie will be a huge success, because Tim McGraw is in it.

I just saw the movie and how wonderful and powerful that movie was!Loved all the actors. Very inspiring movie, instills in my heart that there are good people in the world.
Lucky family!!

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