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April 7, 2009

Snippets: Baseball, Egypt, and More!

The best baseball movies, a controversial Egyptian film, and more.

Now that baseball season has begun, it might be time to watch some great films from that genre.

Guideposts magazine has picked its list of the top five inspirational baseball movies of all time, and while their choices (including The Rookie and the original Angels in the Outfield) are good ones, I don't see how they could've possibly missed Field of Dreams, arguably the best and most inspiring baseball movie ever. Fortunately, CT Movies compiled the perfect baseball movie list several years ago. Check it out.

Controversial film: NPR reports that a new Egyptian film "is stirring controversy in the minority Coptic Christian community for its frank portrayal of the difficulty Christian couples face in getting divorced or remarried." According to the story, "a group of Christian attorneys tried to block [the film], arguing that it demeaned the sanctity of Coptic marriage."

Doorpost Voting Begins: Online voting has begun at The Doorpost Film Project, an annual short film contest. Check it out; I was a judge for this contest last year, and was very impressed with the high caliber of films.