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April 16, 2009

Snippets: Saving Lives, Ice Castles, and More

A movie about making a difference in a teen's life, a remake of an ice flick, and more.

Two weeks ago, a 17-year-old friend of our family--and a best friend to both of my teenage sons--took his own life. We've been reeling and processing it ever since. (The young man is now in heaven, so that certainly helps the grieving process.) So when I heard about a new film coming this fall called To Save a Life, about how schoolmates react in the wake of a teen's suicide, I was intrigued. Apparently the overriding theme of the indie drama addresses what teens can do to reach out to their lonely, hurting classmates. The website includes some links to Christian sites for help, and veteran Christian musician Charlie Peacock has signed on to helm the music for the project. Peacock doesn't associate himself with schlock, so I have hopes that the movie will be reasonably good.

Remakes On Ice!: Not sure why it had to be remade, but 1978's Ice Castles is getting a makeover. Sony Pictures Worldwide will star newcomer Taylor Firth, a U.S. figure skating whiz who also just happens to be a Christian. Former skating champ Michelle Kwan will have a cameo in the film, which is scheduled to release sometime around the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Remembering the Martyrs:
A new documentary, Malatya, tells the story of two Turkish Christians and a German missionary who were tortured and killed inside a Bible publishing hours in Malatya, Turkey, in 2007. Two of the surviving wives, who have forgiven the killers, both contributed to the film, which releases to DVD on Saturday.

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I enjoy your reviews. However, there is a term often used which I would you to email me a definition. It is the term "indie" when speaking of a movie.
Robert Ziegler

I saw Ice Castles with my high school girlfriend and remember being embarrassed by the foul language. That's about all I recall about the movie.

The reason it's a remake is because there are no new movies. All stories have been told.

Bruce Lee My Brother is a new movie about him, but I couldn't see it going on in the local cinema. When will it be released?