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June 22, 2009

Go Ask Alice

Burton's 'Wonderland' weird and wonderful; Depp is Mad!

USA Today gives readers a "first look" at some images from Tim Burton's upcoming Alice in Wonderland, including the image at right of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. Could be Depp's most eccentric character since . . . well, he's been eccentric a lot. But certainly his most visually colorful since playing Willy Wonka in Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Check out more images from the film (due March 2010) here and here.

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Personally, I am very excited about this. I love Tim Burton's work, and the cast is all excellent. The pictures look awesome. I think Burton is the perfect person to direct this movie, and I am hopeful that it will be as good as it looks.

These first images are visually stunning but I imagine they could be terrifying for children! I'm really hopeful about this movie, as I've enjoyed Burton's work in the past.

He looks like Madonna in stage makeup.

Johnny Depp Rocks as the mad hatter!