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June 8, 2009

Newsbites: The Pixar edition!

1. Rumours of a sequel to Monsters Inc. (2001) have been circulating for months now, ever since a Pixar staffer clicked on a blog devoted to Pixar while Googling the terms "monsters 2013 pixar" back in January. (Actually, the rumours arguably go back even further, to an interview that Monsters Inc. director Pete Docter gave last summer in which he said he could "neither confirm nor deny" that a sequel was in the works.) Now comes word that Disney officially revealed the existence of this film-in-the-making to potential buyers at last week's Licensing Expo -- and while the buyers were sworn to secrecy, some of them apparently couldn't help themselves. Docter, who also directed this year's Up, is reportedly going to direct the new Monsters Inc. as well. -- Jim Hill

2. If you look very, very closely during a certain scene early on in Up, you can catch a glimpse of one of the new characters that has been created for Toy Story 3, which is due in theatres next summer. -- MTV Movies Blog (x2), Upcoming Pixar

3. The 3-D versions of the first two Toy Story movies (1995-1999) will be released as a double feature for a "special limited engagement" in October. Disney was originally going to release the first movie in October and the second movie in February, but they are now going to release the 3-D version of Beauty and the Beast (1991) in February instead. Toy Story 3, also in 3-D, will come out June 18, 2010. -- ComingSoon.net

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Pixar’s writing style continues to impress me and proves that these animated films don’t have to warrant 'cookie-cutter' plots. While I can easily see Monters, Inc 2 performing well well at the box office, I think Toy Story 3 will certainly be the big juggxrnaught for the Pixar / Disney franchise. Incidentally I saw Up on opening night and still have no clue who that unknown character slated for Toy Story 3 will be. Ah, the mystery!

Great post as always.

I was really hoping this edition would include an update on 1906 -- the live-action film Brad Bird's supposedly still doing for Pixar. Got my fingers crossed that it's able to clear the hurdles stacked against it recently.

Anyway, watching Pixar start a sequel trend makes me a little nervous. I thought I read somewhere that Lassiter is doing CARS 2; TOY STORY 3 is on the horizon, and now MONSTERS, INC 2.

Pixar has solid rep for churning out original films of such a high caliber. Maybe it's too early to tell, but I hate to think the creative well might be showing signs of getting low.

Thanks for the reminder about 1906, Travis; I haven't heard anything about that one lately, but I do have an item or two on Andrew Stanton's John Carter of Mars that I haven't posted yet. Stanton has said that John Carter of Mars will not be released as a "Pixar film", because it won't be for "all ages" -- and the same qualification may or may not apply to 1906.

Thanks for the update on John Carter of Mars, Peter! I hadn't heard about this project since it was announced.

Hmm. I wonder what Disney Pixar will call their new alt/indie/adult-oriented studio? Touchstar? Mirapix?