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July 17, 2009

An Anti-Adoption Film?

That's how critics of upcoming 'Orphan' are responding


"Adoption advocacy groups are criticizing the soon-to-be-release horror movie Orphan for fueling harmful myths that could turn people away from the idea of adoption," reports The Christian Post.

The story continues: "A coalition of more than 50 orphan advocate and adoption organizations recently launched a national grassroots campaign centered around the website www.OrphansDeserveBetter.org. Through the site, the coalition aims to educate, dispel adoption myths and prompt response to the needs of orphans."

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A lot of adoptive parents are angry about one line in this film: It must be hard to love an adopted child like your own.

They are angry about this movie line but are perfectly content that their adopted child has a birth certificate that was permanently sealed from him/her and a falsified "amended" one issued.

Adoptees have to live their lives carrying around amended birth certificates and are NEVER allowed to see their original birth certificates containing their true names and the names of his/her true biological parents. Adopting parents get to have their names placed on the amended certificates as the birth parents! What lies!!!! These violations of a childs rights does not concern the protestors because it works for them! It is not their ethnicities, their heritages that are sealed. No, their newly purchased child will be forced to accept these lies are his/her truth. These self-righteous people own the copyrights to their adopted child's identity and could care less that it's FICTION that is on their child's birth certificate.

It is downright disgraceful and pathetic what people choose to protest.

I'll be wearing my Orphan movie on opening day: http://www.cafepress.com/orphanesther because getting angry over one-liners and not giving a hoot about our (adoptees) civil rights is laughable.

Please sing this petition to help Esther: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/orphan-movie-t-shirts-for-open-records ....because no one should have to kill for their birth certificate.

Wow Mara. I'm sure these kids who probably would've been aborted or left in a dumpster had they not been adopted are really angry at their "purchasers" because they can't know their biological parents. These laws are in place for a reason. You would do best to actually study the issue rather than spouting off talking points that make no logical sense.

But I'm sure wearing a T-shirt for what looks like another awful American horror film will do a lot for all those poor,angry, purchased orphans.


I am sorry you have such anger. One thing I would like to correct in yout post. Adoptive parents rarely know who the birth parents are either. They do not get the original birth certificates. The agencies and states involved take care of that.

Maria sure is angry about a lot of things and so wrong. Parent's don't purchase their children. If they adopt an infant or foreign child, the agencies charge incredible fees. The only children who are not "purchased" are older ones from child welfare services. Maria must have an ugly personal story to tell and needs to find herself, not her heritage. I don't understand why people are so wrapped up in their ethnicity and origin. I always thought I was Ukranian until I learned that the family was originally French, and then it got more confusing to learn that they came from the French-speaking part of Switzerland. So what does that make me? An American. That's who I am. And if I would find out that all of my heritage was something completely different, oh well. I know that my grandparents came from Ukraine, spoke Ukrainian and had customs from Ukraine. My father considered himself an American, and told me to do the same. In other words, if my grandparents thought they were Ukrainian but their ancestors came from Switzerland, does that make them Swiss? And the ancestors of those Swiss people came from France, then does that make them French? And where on earth did those French ancestors come from? In other words...who cares? Anger and false pride over ethnicity has caused too many bar brawls and wars. Get over it.

I'm an adoptive parent and I would go to the ends of the earth to help my kids find their biological parents, if that is what they ever want to do. (And we would, literally, have to go to the other side of the world as they are international adoptees).

I love my kids fiercely and would die for them, the same as any loving bio parent.

I have made a conscious choice NOT to protest this movie because beating the drums against it will actually call MORE attention to it ... I won't go that low.

Mara, I hope you can find a way to work through your anger, and I am so sorry if your parents didn't acknowledge or assist you in learning/finding your identity. Please know that today's adoptive parents have learned from the mistakes of those who have come before us, and we are doing the best we possibly can ...

This is a true 'once-upon-a-time' adoption story. Within it's telling, revealed are the seedy practices once employed by one Rosie O'Donnell funded -- Children of the World Adoption Agency. [COWAA] It 'was' located in Verona, New Jersey.

I allude to the past tense so it is not mistaken of mind that this agency's doors have indeed, remained self-closed since May of 2007. It is also from within these walls where plots were conceived and masqueraded around the workings of a real adoption agency. Therein, it is even apparent in Rosie's own penned words that she agrees with these activities. Sadly, one thing definitely not found in her book “Find Me” was a way to read between its lines. And as for this agency's downfall; the reasons lay in the dark history behind its corporate suicide!

Had someone found this company's blueprint for wrongful adoption?

Yet, there wouldn't be any such findings if the public would have inquired about this closure from the State. – Government spokesperson, Douglass Swann would not have given such an implicating description of its dissolution. How do I know these details?

… It was me that forced the State Attorney General Office to lean heavily on an already suspect New Jersey Department of Human Services. They in turn, were instructed to offer unto COWAA a take it or leave it proposition for the Board of Trustees. That thought withstanding, and whilst all faces were longer than the table at which they sat, it must have been the Chairwoman of the Board, a Mrs. Margaret Morrisey, who probably thought it better to reserve the company a more preferable choice-spot in hell! This of course, if there is such...

How did this all come about? …Truly, in a picture painted by ART! [Adoption's Real Triad!] This three-party dynamic of the New Jersey adoption machine has members that consist of an adoption attorney, an adoption agency and the New Jersey Office of Licensing [OOL]. Moreover, all three factions would unwillingly participate in an unwanted conspiracy. It is your choice for reason, be it greed or the betterment of mankind?

Therein, it was in 2001 when COWAA executive director Veronica Serio lied to the OOL. Never mind that she is the same woman who had actually helped the late Seton Hall Professor James Boskey write adoption law. [...Sell what it is that you secretly destroy?]

Alas, and as for ART's last member of this adoption equation, sometimes it just pays to look good while doing what one does! Or as perceived in this case, maybe the following committed acts would avert a possible true human effigy burning throughout the streets of Kendall Park, New Jersey! Although he had committed no wrongdoing, adoption attorney Steven Sklar would eventually lie to the State Supreme Court's Disciplinary Review Board. This was the second time his lie covered what I call an unethical adoption practice. Astonishingly though, there was not need for the use of his deceit... [N.J.S.A. 3: 3-39, 1 {b, c}]

The State Statutes of law grant all adoption attorneys the power to hide adoption fraud busting evidence. However, if word was to get out that his practice had withheld evidence...; well uh, does anybody have a cigarette lighter?

Sadly, and in reference to the state of affairs in Jersey, my victory in overturning an initial attorney ethics case dismissal ended up dashed at the Supreme Court's doorstep. I further realized the futility of it all when my mind grasped the intent of a letter sent by these so-called “of the esteemed.” Their corresponding words were marked of brilliance. They profoundly state, “Your grievance, even if true would not constitute incapacity or unethical practice.” This is odd, because it had worked in the demise of COWAA!

My son was born on October 20, 2001. I think he lives in New Jersey.

It is by the right to bring out the truth by means of the New Jersey Open Public Records Act, and my faith in God that allow me to make plans to one day meet my son. He will hear the real story.

My name is David Archuletta, an Unknown Father.