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July 8, 2009

God, Gays, and 'Bruno'

Alabama youth pastor shares faith in new film . . . sorta

The outrageous Sacha Baron Cohen pulled one over on an Alabama youth pastor while making his new comedy, Bruno, which opens in theaters on Friday.

Cohen, best known for playing the title role in 2006's Borat, plays a flamboyant homosexual Austrian fashionista in his new film, in which he dupes many into playing along with his con game--including Jody Trautwein, youth pastor at Point of Grace Ministries in Birmingham.

In an interview with Religion News Service, Trautwein admits he was duped, thinking that Cohen really was a gay man seeking counseling. In their time together, Trautwein told Cohen that faith in Christ could help lead him out of homosexuality, and even asked Cohen if he wanted to ask Jesus into his heart. Cohen's smarty-pants reply: "Are you hitting on me?"

Trautwein says he doesn't mind being the brunt of a joke as long as his message ends up in the movie: "It obviously turned out to be just deception and perversion, but the message in my heart is actually going to be shared with millions. It's turning out to be a positive thing. If nothing else, people will hear me sharing Jesus."

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I'm afraid that's not what people are going to hear, but that's just me.

The message did get through in the movie. The Burno character was too dense to understand but some of those watching the movie will understand the message.

I like the idea that the youth pastor did not turn away from the opportunity to witness to this individual or anyone else. The youth pastor has a real sense of what God wants and desires from all of us and that is to let the world know that God is the God of impossibilites. God can help us with any "sin" and yes homosexuality is a sin if we allow Him to do so. Furthermore, for Bart mentioned above sorry, we Christians do not need to seize talking about anything that is offensive to God and sin (no matter what it is) is offensive to God.

I don't know. I think this will just make Christians look even worse when it comes to the topic of homosexuality. But I like the pastors attitude about this.

@Bart Wang.
Dude, the Bruno guy went to the Pastor and filmed him. The Pastor didn't ask for any of this.

The timing of the film comes on the heels of the most sweeping(125 years of data and previous studies), indisputable report by a large team of psychologists and psychotherapists that make up the research team called Narth. The report refutes every piece of pro-homosexual propaganda and concludes you can change orientation, you suffer no more trauma in therapy for homosexuality than any other therapy and it is a very unhealthy lifestyle. Not that the staunch homosexual cares anything about the truth...
God's timing...

A more interesting question -

Does Cohen dupe his audiences? There seems to be some evidence that many of those "duped" were, in fact, paid for their services.
Now that's disturbing, as Cohen justifies his bizarre and cruel humour by claims that he is exposing American intolerance.
But more disturbing is the underlying attitude to the truth. Both Cohen's veracity and the (quite sophisticated) audience's gullibilty need to be tested.

Worrying times indeed.


Cohen is a brilliant, twisted entertainer. He sees flaws in American culture and points them out using creative and sometimes humorous methods. That doesn't justify the crap your eyes need to swim through to see his points. Other films touch on the same issues without stooping to disgusting, deceitful measures that he does.

Props to the youth pastor for standing on his beliefs and actually trying to help someone. Too bad he is going to be mocked and lampooned in the film for it.

I think this movie accomplished precisely what they wanted it to. All of the people that wanted to see this film for shock value were pleased. All of the people who saw the film and wanted to be personally offended by attacks on their particular group were in fact offended. And those like me, a normal, logical, free thinker, who belonged to none of the groups attacked in the film, got to laugh at all of it. It's really funny how people will take up such a strong defense of themselves and their beliefs with out ever stopping to ask if they in fact are the ones that need to change or at least look at things objectivly. Christians like all other human beings are flawed. Not because we all live in sin but because we are so clueless as a species that the majority of us can't ever find a true personal identity. The more objective you are and the more you see the flaws in human nature the better effect you will have on society. By creating shock vaule, for those who got this about the movie, they managed to bolden humanities own intolerence and the flaws we chose to overlook on a day to day basis.