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July 2, 2009

God in a Rom-Com?

'Never the Bride,' by 'Ultimate Gift' screenwriter Cheryl McKay, now in development

A few years ago, a little movie called The Ultimate Gift didn't get much attention, but it was one of my favorite "hidden gems" of 2006. The film starred Abigail Breslin (now carrying one of the main roles in My Sister's Keeper) as a young girl dying of cancer, part of the plot about a young man who had a lot to learn about what really matters in life.

Cheryl McKay, the screenwriter of that film, has written her next screenplay, Never the Bride, which has also been turned into a novel just released by WaterBrook Press. The film adaptation is scheduled to release sometime in 2010.

Here's how McKay, a Christian, describes the storyline in a recent interview: "It’s about a girl, Jessie Stone, who accuses God of being asleep on the job of setting up her love story. God shows up to face the charges. He tells Jessie that he can’t write her story until she surrenders the pen. The purple pen she’s clutched for many years, penning her own ideas for how her love life should go in her 109 journals. The story is a tug-of-war between God and Jessie and who is really writing this story. Is she too afraid to trust God because he may not write what she truly wants? Or can she surrender that pen to God and let him write the best love story for her?"

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