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July 30, 2009

Most Easily Offended by Movies: Mormons

Jehovah's Witnesses second, evangelicals third, according to poll

Just recently, we posted a blog bit about the top "faith-offending" films. Now we've learned which faith group is most easily offended: Mormons.

According to a recent Religion News Service story, "Mormons are the faith group most likely to say Hollywood threatens their values, followed by Jehovah's Witnesses and evangelicals, according to a new study by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life."

The story also noted that "more than two-thirds of Mormons (68%) rebuffed the entertainment industry, followed by 54% of Jehovah's Witnesses and 53% of evangelicals. Less than half (42%) of the general population said Hollywood threatens their values."

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I'm confused. A family member starred in "40 Year Old Virgin" but even my father (not yet a Christian) walked out of the movie because of filthy language.
Yet, now I hear that my "Christian Movie Reviewer" (CT Biblical perspectives on contemporary cinema
Friday, July 31, 2009)
is promoting Judd Apatow and expecting good things from him for a Christian audience! I'm only 55 yr old, but it seems like this Present Christian Era is WAY beyond me!
My Reviewer's own words such as "bawdy" and "crude" to describe movies with "morals" seem foreign to my Christian and Biblical roots.
WHAT IS UP WITH CT??? Or am I just too Christian??? Or A prude? Someone help me out!

Charlie; I am only 58 yr old and i also have yet to understand the manuvering some 'christian entertainment' web sites (CT included) go through to provide to us what they trumpet as critical discernment to help us make value choices. Rather than being provided a crystal clear decision, in some instances i'm left with a need to review the reviewer's review.
Of course we can't forget that wide-road buzz word that is so effecient...'redeeming'...yeah, right! Hey the movie might be raunchy, laced with sexuality and peppered with 'language' (bawdy and crude) but come on, just you wait...it's really worth sitting through all that for 2 1/2 hours because the road that you travel will assurdely give you that ah-ha jolt of redemption you know you need.
Forget it!
Are you too Christian or a prude, Charlie?
Nah, you're right where all of us should be. Get with it CT...it's not that hard.
If you guys can't figure out what to write just go to PluggledinOnLine.com. They'll help you out.
Nuff said.

Conversely, I appreciate CT's committment to review media for its extra-moral content and present the possibly objectionable content in a way that allows its readers to discern for themselves whether a movie, music album, or book is something that is worth reading or will be enjoyable to me. While I respect your commitment to remain pure, gentlemen, I desire the sort of review that CT provides. Thank you CT for encouraging us to critically think about the media out there!

Well I'm a 77 year old who became a Christian in college and remember how mystified I was because movies were forbidden in that day! Having been a college prof who spoke about Christ in my classes and saw students follow Christ, I'm still mystified by the other world posture of today's evangelicals. This is what the world was like decades ago for your information. It really helps to try to understand it. It doesn't mean one has to immerse oneself in it. I find CT's reviews to be quite helpful and interesting. Others like Plugged In are over the top in their depiction of the "evil" in many films.

What I'm interested in hearing is a definition or two for what constitutes values being threatened. Being out of sync with Christian values is one thing; actively threatening them is something else entirely.

(And I'm a 25 year-old young pup and film buff who also appreciates CT's reviews :) )

I don't think reviewers at PluggedIn understand movies. They just add up the content they don't like and usually say the movie is bad. Keep up the good work CT! I appreciate the thought and insight you put into your reviews.