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July 24, 2009

Nicky Cruz film update, and more

'Run Baby Run' slated for 2010, Emmy nod for 'Soldiers,' and more

A new movie about former gang member Nicky Cruz, whose story was told in The Cross and the Switchblade (the book and the 1970 film starring Pat Boone and Erik Estrada), is on track for release next summer.

Run Baby Run, with a $12 million budget, will be intended for mainstream audiences, not just Christians, David Urabe, president of Convolo Productions, told the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Cruz told The Gazette that it won't be a "cheesy" Christian movie.

> Soldiers of Conscience, a documentary about soldiers who are reluctant to shoot to kill (some because of their Christian faith), has been nominated for an Emmy. We wrote about the film last year.

> Cloud Ten Pictures, the studio that made all the Left Behind movies, announces it will be releasing the DVD version of The River Within in November. The press release says the film "explores relationships between father and son, pastor and congregant, and God and man; and broaches head-on the age-old human dilemma of discerning God's plan for each of us."


Torn Apart / Restored

Written by Darin Carroll co-authored by Teila Tankersley (Darin Carroll owns all rights book self published in hopes of making it a movie at some point)

Book released Feb 2011

Torn Apart / Restored is a biography of two childhood sweethearts, Darin and Gloria. A young couple tangled up in a turbulent marriage, combative, arrogant and struggling, they eventually make the decision to divorce.

The drama of their lives unfolds and just as they are preparing to finalize their divorce; Gloria has a change of heart. Her dilemma - her husband has become involved with a former girlfriend and it only gets worse from there; he is soon charged with murder. Is there any hope of restoring their marriage let alone their lives?

In spite of some overwhelming obstacles Gloria places her faith in Christ and believes wholeheartedly that God is going to do a work in her husband’s heart. Through blind faith she seeks to win him back and along the way she builds a relationship with Christ that is inspiring.

Friends and family can see no hope, yet God is busy orchestrating miracles in the midst of all this drama. A book you have to read to believe.

If you liked Nicky Cruz’s book, “Cross and the switchblade” or if you are a fan of the book,” Fireproof” written by Eric Wilson, Alex Kendrick, and Stephen Kendrick - then you are going to love this!

A book filled with suspense, drama and gang violence, but more importantly, it is interwoven with the quiet, gentle spirit of Christ himself. Just when you think there is no hope, Christ works a miracle and that is when the journey begins.

Gloria and her husband Darin Carroll have an amazing testimony and they now pastor a church in Pueblo, Colorado called Victory Life Ministries. If you are in need of a miracle this is the book for you!

(Darin was sentenced to a minimum of six years and charged with manslaughter. He was a lost cause according to his prison records and during his a parole hearing, Gov Roy Romer stated that Darin was a menace to society and should stay behind bars the rest of his life. Darin got out of prison and upon his release he began leading a program called, Break Away, a Christ centered recovery program. He and his wife Gloria now pastor a church in Pueblo , Colorado . Darin has been living as a model citizen now for the past twelve years.)

This is an amazing story if you would like to contact Darin for an interview or a speaking engagement you may email him directly at vlmpastor a taol.com or contact Teila Tankersley at progitive37 at yahoo.com.

We hope to hear from you!


Teila Tankersley