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August 24, 2009

A Few Films of Note

News on flicks that could be of interest to a Christian audience

A few movies recently released to DVD that Christian audiences might want to check out:

> Journey Films (Bonhoeffer, The Power of Forgiveness) has released Albert Schweitzer: Called to Africa , which it is billing as "the compelling story of a theologian, musician and philosopher who abandoned a life of fame and comfort in Europe at the age of 30 to dedicate his life to the medical care of Africans." (See the trailer here.)

> Sherwood Baptist (Fireproof, Facing the Giants) isn't the only church in the movie-making business. Others are also making their own films, including Bethesda Baptist Church of Brownsburg, IN, which recently released The Board to DVD. A press release says the film "captures the elements of life transforming films such as Chariots of Fire and Fireproof, telling the poignant story of how God speaks to each person’s soul. The Board explores the personal conflicts within, as represented by a board of directors, Mind, Emotion, Will, Memory, Conscience and Heart as it introduces difficult questions that lead to eternal consequences, exposing the board’s hypocritical foundation." (See the trailer here.)

> A "family version" of Henry Poole Is Here -- one of my favorite indie films from 2008 -- will be available Sept. from Anchor Bay Entertainment. The original PG version had some mild language, so there wasn't that much to edit in the first place, but if this means more people will see this gem, that's a good thing.

> The Biblical Dinner, self-described as "a Last Supper documentary," is now available on DVD.

> Christian music star Rebecca St. James has been doing a bit of acting lately. She plays the lead role in a pro-life film called Sarah's Choice, slated to release in November from PureFlix. She also recently wrapped filming in the comedy Rising Stars, a take-off on American Idol.

> The second in the Nomad Reality Films series, The Great Reverse, will be available Sept. 15 through INO Records/Provident-Integrity. The film follows nine young missionaries in their travels through west Africa. The first in the series was a documentary on Christian musician Sara Groves.


Concerning the movie about Albert Schweitzer. This isn't the first film been made about him
The famed English actor Malcom McDowell in 1990 starred in a full-length movie about Schweitzer's life, in which he brillantly portrayed the man, called "Schweitzer" (also known under other various titles as Lambarene; Light in the Jungle: The Story of Dr. Albert Schweitzer; Out of Darkness; The Light in the Jungle). Susan Strasberg played Schweitzer's wife.

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