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August 28, 2009

Rob Zombie to remake Christian movie!!

Well, not exactly. But Variety does report that the rock musician turned horror-movie director plans to direct a remake of The Blob. And CT sister publication Books & Culture did run an article last year exploring how the original 1958 version of that film was produced by a Christian film company determined to make a "wholesome horror film." (One of The Blob's producers, Russell S. Doughten Jr., went on to produce, write and act in a number of explicitly Christian films, including the end-times series that began with 1972's A Thief in the Night.)

And the Christian connections don't end there! The original movie spawned a sequel, 1972's Beware! The Blob, which featured Larry Norman and Randy Stonehill in bit parts. And the movie has been remade once before, by director Chuck Russell (The Mask, The Scorpion King), in 1988; and while I don't know anything about Russell's own religious persuasions, I do know that he was attached to direct the film version of Frank Peretti's This Present Darkness in the late 1990s, until 20th Century Fox pulled the plug on that project.

I certainly wouldn't expect Rob Zombie's version of The Blob, which will reportedly be R-rated, to follow in the "wholesome horror film" mode of the original movie. (The 1988 version was R-rated, too.) And I wouldn't necessarily expect Rob Zombie's film to feature Christian musicians in bit parts or whatever, either. But you never know.

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The movie the Blob was remade in 1988 although with modifications for a 20th century audience. But side from this
I have to ask the question...Why all the remakes in Hollywood recently? Are these guys running out of ideas?

CT Movies' email sent on Friday noted that until now, only one person had commented on this bit of news. I have a theory on that . . . a ton of Christians who get the weekly emails and would comment on the slightest things might not know what to say because I'm convinced most of them don't know who Rob Zombie is or why that name is significant in pop culture. It's like a 60 year old plumber having never heard of Haste the Day.

Zach, you could be right on that. I've seen the original Blob B-movie when I was a kid on late night movies, saw the remake in my 20's after I had become a Christian, and I *know* who Rob Zombie is. I only clicked to see *which* Christian movie they were talking about and I don't consider The Blob a Christian movie, not about Christ, not about redemption or salvation. Certainly not the 1988 remake which insinuates that a crazed pastor or priest will cause the end of mankind. I haven't seen any of Rob Zombie's movies, but I have seen the trailers and that is enough.

One of the things that I think many people have a struggle with is what to classify as "Christian movie". I prefer, as a Christian and a filmmaker, to just label my movies under their genre and allow you the audience to choose, based on the story synopsis/trailer, if you want to watch it. But I think that many Christians are struggling to find something that is both entertaining and respects their beleifs. Sometimes I like stuff that challenges and encourages me, sometimes I just want entertainment. I think at the end of the day we just want to know that we can watch and not be offended. I tell people to check out my film The Allan Carter Saga Part I: AMNESIA and give me feedback.

There was a time that people said Rob Zombie was a Christian and that rumor spread around. I don't know what his personal beleif is. But if he is he has to find his way as a filmmaker and find work that fits that path. Many Christians in the film biz stuggle with what their trully suppose to do. It's one of the most difficult fields to be in.

What reviewers need to do is not classify films but instead tell us what we should look for if it is something that would encourage your faith. Labels are misleading.

Cool interview with Rob Zombie!