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August 30, 2009

The Invention of ... "blasphemy"?

MTV Movies Blog reports that writer-directors Ricky Gervais and Matthew Robinson are "planning big controversies" with their upcoming film The Invention of Lying.

The film, which comes out October 2, takes place in a world where everyone believes everything that everyone says because no one has ever lied -- until, one day, the character played by Gervais figures out not only how to lie, but how to manipulate everyone else's gullibility for his own ends.

And what sort of "big controversies" do Gervais and Robinson have in mind?

The article quotes Robinson as saying:
"It's not in the trailer and it's a huge part of the film, but [Gervais] stumbles upon inventing something that in a world without lying wouldn't exist, which is probably going to piss a lot of people off."
Hmmm. That's not very specific. But perhaps there's a hint of what he's getting at in this interview with co-star Jennifer Garner over at Hitfix. Asked if she jumped at the chance to be in a movie with such a unique concept, she replies:
Yup. Well, I did have a moment to pause with would my parents think it was blasphemy, you know? . . . And then I talked to them about it, and they said, "We have a sense of humor. We're not humorless, you know? What do you think?" They were just like, "If it is important, do it. Do whatever you want." But that was it.
Hmmm. Still not very specific -- although, while discussing the challenges of coming up with dialogue for a world where no one has ever lied, she does go on to say:
Even little things like you can't really say gosh, because that's a derivative of God, which you'd never use because he didn't exist. You know, it's stuff like that. It really touches your language and the way you use language in a million different ways.
Hmmm again. And for what it's worth, the synopsis at the movie's official website declares:
In a world where every word is assumed to be the absolute truth, Mark easily lies his way to fame and fortune. But lies have a way of spreading, and Mark begins to realize that things are getting a little out of control when some of his tallest tales are being taken as, well, gospel.
Hmmm yet again. Finally, take a look at the trailer above. Around the one-minute mark, right after Gervais's character has figured out how to lie, there is a sudden rush of images. Here are most if not all of them, in the order in which they appear, more or less:












Hmmm. Notice any recurring themes?

Here's Gervais on how he became an atheist at the age of eight:

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Yaaaaaawn. Frankly sick and tired of so called 'brave' comedian making fun of Christians. Not progress, not edgy, not funny.

Ricky Gervais isn't funny and never has been, as far as I can see.

Can one imagine the outrage should one produce a film that mocks Muslims?

We may disagree with other people's values and worldviews, but I certainly appreciate the works of different backgrounds and their attempts to put things into focus like this. Most people don't ordinarily stop to think about the symbolism upon which culture is based. This blog is an example of what it takes to make people stop and think.

In regards to "making fun of Christians," what do you suppose has caused this to be so rampant these days? (it has actually been occurring for much of the past 2000 years, but what specifically in the current wave of ridicule might be underlying this?)

I should elaborate on my previous post...the anti-Christian sentiments, I believe, are unfair to all good Christians and certainly not the matters of the Golden Rule. What, do you suppose, has attributed to the current wave of Christian bashing, what I consider to be extreme anti-Christian sentiments?

I'm not particularly interested by the fact that a blasphemous comedy may be upon us; those are a dime a dozen (and this one may even turn out to just be a satire). What I am interested in is that it's a British production, headlined by a big-name British comic, and I've begun noticing a trend: that Christian blasphemy seems to be a cornerstone of British stand-up and sketch comedy that way sexual misadventure seems to be a cornerstone of Canadian/American stand-up and sketch com.

You see it with the famous, funny guys like Gervais, Bill Bailey, the Monty Python gang, Eddie Izzard, and so many more...blasphemy is just so casual and normal in an extreme way that it isn't this side of the Atlantic (although ironically, the worst Python offender is its sole U.S. member, Terry Gilliam). It's present over here, sure, but if you enjoy a good Britcom or stand-up, well, to me the sheer amount and visceral feel of blasphemy is above and beyond that of any other Western country's media I've immersed in. Bill Bailey's a good example of this - he does a one-man musical stand-up act, and has some brilliantly funny and friendly sketches like "Doctor Who" and "20 Rock and Roll Diggeridoo Hits". Of course, he also has standard funny but kind of raunchy stuff like "Geoffrey Chaucer Walks Into a Pub", but then there are these almost random-seeming, incredibly casual bits that go beyond blasphemy into total contempt, like his "Scale of Evil". And I'd say Bailey's more or less a representative example of the contemporary British stand-up.

So what happened to make British comedy stand out like this? I mean, I know its religious history, but that still doesn't quite explain things.


Just because it involves the concept of evolution some arrogant people think that it's targeting religion.

And to anybody who doesn't think Gervais is funny (it's your opinion) but you're wrong. Even if you think you're right, you're not. Gervais is funny, I don't know many unfunny men who have written and acted in the best sitcom in the last 20 years (the office) have 4 standup tours sell out within hours and break America. Yes Gervais does come across as arrogant, but he's being ironic. The man is actually very modest.

It's time we forgot about religion, yes it is an ''easy target'' and guess why, because IT'S NO LONGER RELEVANT. Let's move on and evolve ideas to improve the world, religion is holding us back, wake the **** up.

so basically whats happened here is someone who hasn't seen the film has collected some pictures which have some resemblance to Christianity and apparently making fun out of it?
whats with the casino pictures? Christians like to gamble? And a church? i wonder how many films have churches in them........

He isn't having a go at just Christianity, it's all religions. Don't take it so personal. The movie looks funny you have to admit no matter who it teases. And you wonder why people Christian bash. Cause youre not opened minded and defensive over problems that don't exist. Don't like it, don't see it. Don't complain about it in little blogs, patsy cunts.

Get over yourselves! This was the most useless article I've ever wasted time to read.

I should start by saying that I think Arran and Bill have got it wrong - this film does have a pretty strong athiest message.

The film is set in a world where no one lies and in this world there is no such thing as religion. Ricky's character learns how to lie and accidentally creates the worlds first religion. This is quite a clear critique of religion - Ricky thinks it is a lie.

I implore the Christians on this site to look at these two videos before they make up their mind about Ricky.

Here he is talking about religion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAfuKfmE1Tc

And here he is on a radio show with the Archbishop of Canterbury (the head of the Church of England) having a conversation about comedy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJosQdY6P_A

Ricky film is clearly an expression of how he feels about religion, however that is NOT the same as him making fun of religion. I also think it is not accurate to claim he is taking on Christians specifically - in his film there are no religions so there are no Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc.

In the clip with the Archbishop of Canterbury Ricky talked about how religious films can move him to tears even though he isn't himself religious. I hope the people on this site are open to the idea that they might enjoy this film even though they aren't atheists.

Figures that "hmmmm" is the best analysis the author can come up with.

Forever the victim you lot. I can find anti-Christian words, pictures and references in nearly everything that has been created. Where is the celebration that God has allowed us to think for ourselves? Humour is not designed by any individual, creed or race, it is simply something that lives inside us from an early age. Most of us laugh before we can speak. Like our mother's voice, laughter is one of the most beautiful, comfortable and invigorating gifts to man-kind and people like you seek out, at every opportunity, a way of stifling that comfort so that the only comfort left is God. The reason that religion is dying out (remember we are only a few thousand years old people and attendances have dropped in that time, 5000 years time Gervais will be God or even me, then who has wasted their time? he wont want anyone near him eating like a pig in a troff in his heaven and neither will I!) is that science has progressed, people have progressed and gained conciousness and yet you choose to stay the same. I suggest you watch it with an open mind, the same open mind we give your pretentious church (you do think you are better then us) and smile in the knowledge that good people walk this land and are able to congregate, not in the name of God but in the name of comedy... both serving people in the same way.
I have a mum who likes to tell jokes, I have the most comfortable life ever, I am literally laughing my tits off constantly. She asked me why America wasn't in the Eurovision song contest... good lady her. Lighten up you twats.... x Rob.. London/Manc

Guys, u haven't even seen the movie yet and you're already screaming "blasphemy!!!"? Instead of judging what you don't know go and have a look about the atrocity that Christians did "In the name of God" I'm sure you'll find those quite entertaining! What happened to comedy and sense of humor? Come on! And btw... "Let he who is without sin throw the first stone". Peace

Wait, Wait... let's just see if I have got this right..

A Christian site is annoyed because they THINK Gervais' film may have some jokes at the expense of Christianity.


"I suggest you watch it with an open mind, the same open mind we give your pretentious church"

"Lighten up you twats"

"Don't complain about it in little blogs, patsy cunts."

"Let's move on and evolve ideas to improve the world, religion is holding us back, wake the **** up."

Are you people serious? I'm a huge Ricky Gervais fan. I'm also a Christian. I can't wait for this film. What do you think deliberately antagonising people like those comments do is going to do? It polarises people further. Jesus Christ, if you have a point to make, make it civilly.

Hahahaha get a life you sad, lifeless twats. Go and preach to thin air for a while, and I'm sure god will forgive you for being so sinful in watching a trailer about what is obviously going to be one of the best films of the year.


I honestly don't understand what this article is getting at. Its so vague its ridiculous. Am i missin something? Please help me understand what is going on. The above comments seem to think that the film makers are "mocking chirstianity". I just don't see it. Some vague qoutes from actors and director which in no way infer any anti-religious themes.
I was directed here by ricky from his blog under the direction "and so it begins". Maybe ricky can see what they are gettin at but i certainly don't.

KARL PILKOIDS is the biggest buffoon in the land, with the world's roundest emptiest head ever imaginable.

ricky, please cast his as a full character in a movie, he was great in those xfm ones where he did scenes from big movies and put his own words like "you can talk look look at your saggy arse, anyway get your nickers off!"

For goodness sake.... so what???? You're offended...... nothing changes just because you're offended.... if he's an athiest he's just as entitled to express his views as you are yours! I'm sure he doen't get offended at people going to church, preaching in the street or movies with references to or promoting christianity.... in my honest opinion I believe the world would be a better place without religion period. It gets right up my nose to hear religious people (christians, muslims whoever) winge and whine because somebody has a different view than they do..... come down off your high horses and get over yourselfs!!!!

I love Ricky Gervais and I'm a Christian. Enough said!

"Can one imagine the outrage should one produce a film that mocks Muslims?"

How can a film making fun of religion not count as mocking muslims?

Matt Robinson never actually said they were 'planning controversies' that was MTV's line, he just said it would probably "piss people off", which is difficult to avoid when making a film on any subject considering how easily certain sections of society are offended.


I'm not saying who's 'side' i'm on, i'm impartial, but don't you think it's a little early to criticise Gervais? The film isn't even out yet and none of you have actually seen it. It's simply guessing at the content. Some of you, too quick to jump on the band wagon to protect Christianity suggests your own insecurities about your religion rather than Gervais mocking it. I for one shall wait for the film, and then make my own personal judgement. If you don't like it, don't subject yourself to it, simple as.

Who here has seen this film?
Anyone?...You haven't seen it Christian Today Movies?

O well maybe we should wait and see what it's about before drawing conclusions. After reading this article, I want to see this movie even more. Nice marketing for the film if you ask me.

P.S. I would have seen the movie anyway. Anything Ricky Gervais touches turns to gold, even the Bible.

Ricky Gervais is absolutely hilarious. Not to mention adorable, making two of the best sitcoms ever! So please do shut up.. (:

You Christianists need to stop complaining and playing the victim - you've ruined this place for the last 2000 years with your authoritarian doctrines. It's time you faced up to the ridiculousness of your beliefs and stop requesting that they be shielded from any criticism.

I miss the radio shows,pure comedy moments. Still listen to them very often.

On topic,nothing to say really. He's just telling the truth (see what i did there?). Is there really a christian who actually believes that his religion doesn't involve lying?

i cant believe how rude some of the viewers of rickys blog are , i for one am not religious though my girlfriend is (jewish ) and we manage to co- exist very well i love her faith and sometimes feel sad tht i dont have the same belief in something that emotional for her. i dont get offended at films tht have religious themes and neither does she (life of brian is one of her favourites) . There is one thing for making a COMEDY film that people might find offencive its the people who are offendeds problem. but going onto a CHRISTIAN (What did you expect) film blog and openly offending them is just low and religious hatred where else can they air their views ??? i hope tht ricky is reading this and notes that some of his blog readers are not mature enough to conduct themselves sensibly. billy out

This is the vaguest article I've ever read! You're worried that a film may contain blasphemy? It must be so stressful being you! I mean, having to take everything so seriously, jumping on something which may or may not have a minor connotation in what you believe in. Blood pressure and stomach ulscers must be rife in the Christian community with all that tension.

My advice? If you don't like a film, don't support it in any way shape or form and it doesn't make money, certainly don't publicise it. Even if you believe what you believe, you must know people will see this just because its annoyed you.

Gervais isn't for you, so don't put money in his pocket. I like him, so I do the opposite. See how things work?


So... Ricky gervais is suggesting religion doesn't exsist? That's not Christian god, or the Hindu or Muslim or any other god specifically, just religion. Where is the offence to be taken here. He has his beliefs and you have yours. His films and stand ups are not mockerys of Christianity, they are perfect creations based upon his belief system. He like yourselves are totally entitled to your views. I believe in the creationist theory and think the idea that I evolved from a single celled organism is rediculous but that doesn't stop me thinking that ricky gervais is THE single funniest man on the planet. His jokes about religion are educated and he makes some very fair points much to my annoyance. The film looks hilarious but man taking the role of a god like figure has been done before and will be done again. The only people who suffer from this are those who cannot accept this and linger on such works of genius!! Ricky you're a legend!! See you in October. Of course you won't see me I'll be about 15 rows back, you also will probably not read this thread again. Ha!

Wow.. are Christians STILL whining about how they're being 'persecuted'? I thought the USA was a "Christian Nation"?
Which is it? Are you a powerful majority or are you an endangered and beleaguered minority?

You cant boast about one and then complain about the other.

Its about time you (Christians) realized that the whole world doesn't cater to your backwards, delusional, Bronze-Age mythological worldview. and that goes for Muslims, too.

While you're complaining about a movie not stroking your dearly-held fairy tales about a wizard who lives in the sky, the rest of us will be enjoying our lives (by watching funny movies) and advancing society to be a bit less primitive.

Why are people surprised when a person who thinks god isn't real, and religion is a lie makes a film about people not being able to lie and religion doesn't exist? Why is that not expected?

"Ricky gervais is suggesting religion doesn't exsist? (sic)"

No. He isn't. Watch again.

in regards to comedians "making fun" of christianity or any of the abrahamic religions, the question should be...

"why is it so easy to pick apart and make fun of?"

its a little bit harder to make fun of relativity, mathematics or the theory of evolution.

He's not the inventor of lying, he's a very naughty boy!

I expect Mr Gervais is sat sweating and rewriting this film now, knowing that some people are dissatisfied. He's well known for making broad comedies that please everyone.

If you're reading this, Ricky (and you're probably not), I've an idea for the rewrite. Your character could stumble upon the first lie, realise it was bad and wrong, and pledge never to do it again. Admittedly, this would make the film a bit shorter, but so long as it pleases everyone, it's a necessary sacrifice.

I think Christians need to turn the other cheek. Jervais is hilarious. If there was a God he would not need people to stand up for him as he is all powerful.

Would you Christians PLEASE stop whining. This movie isn't specifically going after Christianity. It's going after all of religion which Christianity just happens to be. The movie is funny because it points out the awkward fact that neither your, nor any other God is real.

I like how the first few posts are Christian users of the website before they turn to hordes of angry Gervais fans.

Maybe Ricky won't slag off his forum dwelling nerd supporters now. :P

Haha nah, I love him and this movie looks awesome.

Personally as a Christian I love the concept of this movie. I've heard interviews and read blog's where Ricky has said that its ridiculous when people get up and arms about things that we perceive as offensive cause God is not insecure and doesn't need us to defend Him. I agree with Him. I love Ricky Gervais and think He's incredibly funny and smart. Is he a stirrer and does he enjoy controvery? Probably... But when He gets reactions like the ones on this site can you blame him?

Let me just start by saying I like Ricky's comedy quite a bit. I have seen/listened to practically everything he does and follow his blog religiously (no pun intended.) But, I am perplexed as to why people like Richard Dawkins are so vigorously against Christianity. Is there really any reason why we should NOT follow the life of Jesus? What did Jesus preach, help the poor and serve others. I mean what better role model could one look up to? Whether you believe in Him or not, you gotta respect Him. I do respect Atheists for what they believe. In most cases, I feel like people who call themselves Atheists aren't Atheist at all. They are Agnostics who are disenchanted with Christianity. These types of people give Atheists a bad name. Atheism is a religion. It is the religion of no god. You have to be devoted to it just as someone is devoted to Christianity. I believe that a true Atheist would read the Bible, Torah, Koran and take these books as lessons to be learned. These books encompass human history, believe it or not.

>>>>> Can one imagine the outrage should one produce a film that mocks Muslims?

If you want to be taken seriously you must riot in the streets and smash and burn things. Afterall, that's what the Muslims did in response to some comic strips!

This series looks awesome! Why do you think it mocks Christians?

Come now this is hardly controversial,
If you believe in invisible old men and jewish zombies, you're gonna have your critics don't you think?
manc twat...

Wow, how incredibly arrogant to criticize Ricky for possibly critiquing religion in his movie.

It seems a bit extreme to me to suggest that everyone has to portray religion in a positive and homogenous view.

And anyway, another way of looking at this movie is it's about Ricky Gervais becoming the first Republican.

i'm glad that a few (but not enough) people have noticed that this blog entry has taken a few images and blurbs out of interviews and twisted it to further the goal of the author; to make the film appear blasphemous.

but i shouldn't be shocked. christians depend on their ability to take blurbs out of literary works out of its context and twist it to further their own goals; to make the christian world view appear universal.

Oh goody! I can't wait to see this movie! It is bound to be funny if Ricky is in it. If the film so much as hints at atheism, I will be thrilled! I mean no disrespect, unless you count me feeling sorry for you that you believe in strange fairy stories disrespect. Thanks for letting us know.

I think Ricky is great.
and after reading comments on this blog i'd just like to say that you don't have to believe in a god to do good. actually it probably makes it easier if you don't.

By writing off something this quickly as blasphemy and a terrible film that no one should see, there is absolutely no reason for anyone to cater to you or attempt to find a middle ground. You already dislike Atheism and this film so people have nothing to lose if they continue to make fun of your religion. Ricky isn't losing a fan base because he never had you guys.

Why dont you stop analysing film adverts and go back to writing your own fiction. Bible 2 is going to be out soon right?

Come on, this is just meant to make people laugh. If you don't find it funny, then leave it. I do and i love Ricky Gervais. He's a nice guy and he's not trying to offend anyone, so why don't you all just leave him alone.

So his firm belief in atheism is less important than anyone else's beliefs in any organised religion? A mite hypocritical wouldn't you say..

Could Nora Charles get over it please? It's not trying to take the mick out of christians, it's just a humourous fictional film.


The Christian bible is one of the most blasphemous books ever written.

Citing Numbers 31:13–47 as an example, in which Moses orders the slaughter of thousands of boys and women, and sanctions the rape of thousands of girls, at God's behest, Thomas Paine calls the Bible a "book of lies, wickedness, and blasphemy; for what can be greater blasphemy than to ascribe the wickedness of man to the orders of the Almighty!"

The bible defiles the very name of God.

Tearing infants to pieces, raping women, forcing them to eat their own children, and countless other evil acts, all commanded or performed by God himself?

Those that quote the bible either do not know it or must slyly gloss-over specific portions of it, lest they reveal the evil and corrupted nature of the god described therein.

And yet you all choose to quibble over a stupid movie made by a stand-up comic.

It’s quite ironic really.

I don't think Gervais is doing this to be offensive, I think he's just writing a film about lying, and a part of this is that people believe stuff that may or may not be true and are following him for it, and it's gotten out of hand.

People need to stop getting so offended when something slightly religious comes into it. There is nothing hateful at all about what he's doing, and he's not putting down an entire religion. He's said many times that people can believe in what they want and he respects them for that, but he doesn't believe in it and he shouldn't have to abide by those rules of blasphemy.

People are becoming too smart to be religious now-a-days, and I don't mean that offensively, I just mean that people are beginning to make their own decisions, and a lot of the time it's that they don't want to be religious, or they want to be atheist. I'm a R.C. and I'm not offended at all by jokes about Christianity. Not because I don't care about my faith, but because I'm more mature and I know how to "turn the other cheek", just like our Lord said, right?

So stop whinging, and turn the other cheek.

You guys, who have presumably trotted over here from Gervais' blog, get what quote marks mean right?

Here's a clue...read the Garner quotation

The author isn't saying the film is blasphemous, it's wondering what the lies the main character in this film tells, develop into.

Perhaps you should make sure you've kept your own moral outrage in check before you project it onto someone else.


...The question mark after the word "quotation" in my above post is obviously a typo.

who are these ppl who "dont like Ricky Gervais" yet still have to read about his films / stand up / blog / podcasts? I dont like people throwing up but you dont see me run over to someone vomitting in order to tell them how I feel about what they are doing. Losers.

It's apparently a critique about religion and people who abuse it. Not specifically about Christianity except insofar as Christian symbolism is the most resonant. I think even believers can find important messages about hubris and suchlike in this kind of thing.

Anyway, as an atheist I don't bat an eyelid at "It's A Wonderful Life" presenting a world where God absolutely exists, so I have to wonder how thin-skinned you'd have to be as a Christian to be outraged at a film set in a world where He absolutely doesn't.

There is as much evidence of Karl Pilkington being an articulate, intellegent, non-orange-headed woman as there is evidence of this god you believe in. And we all know how likely that is.

Ricky thanks for linking to this blog, now the rest of the world can see how arrogant and closed minded we are ha ha. As if we need any more help in that department. I'd just like to say you don't offend me. Cheers for what ya doing. Come to New Zealand by the way!

I'm sorry but how can people become offended by a film they haven't even seen, so don't understand?

Being atheist is not being anti-Christian. Gervais does not deserve to be criticised every time his name and 'religion' occur in the same sentence. I'm sure that this film isn't out to mock Christianity; it just doesn't agree with it.
And to believe that 'not agreeing with Christianity' is derogatory, is to undermine and mock atheism. Isn't that just as bad as what Gervais is supposed to have done?
He's a great entertainer, and I've been a fan since the early days - but if I honestly believed that he was in any way abusing the freedom of expression, I'd admit it. He hasn't.
Grow up.

Oh, for god's sake.

Choosing to believe in the logic of science (and/or expressing it through the medium or art) is not mocking any religion.

Just because Gervais isn't as delusional as most people is no reason to criticize the man. Any sensible human knows that the religions of the world are a white wash to keep us on the up and up. Enjoy the movie, have a laugh and chill.

They need to premptively warn the herd, otherwise they may see it without a predisposition. If they chanced people seeing it without the warning, there is a chance it might make them think. I think it's akin t O'Reilly pointing out whether the guest is liberal or conservative. If he didn't, there's the chance the audience might listen to him without a predisposition. They don't want people thinking without a template.

What a great idea for a film, a world where no one can say "God is love" or "Jesus is my saviour." Absolutely brilliant! No lies at all..

I'm looking forward to seeing this one!

God, Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus - if you can believe in one you can believe in them all. Do you? If not, why not?

"Yaaaaaawn. Frankly sick and tired of so called 'brave' comedian making fun of Christians. Not progress, not edgy, not funny."

1900 years of burning people for blasphemy, but only 50 years of blasphemy being an acceptable form of entertainment, and suddenly we're "sick and tired" of it? Blasphemers certainly are brave, though not as brave as those that were slaughtered for it.

"Does the brain control you or are you controlling the brain? I don't know if I'm in charge of mine."

I don't think he is making fun of us. Famous people don't believe in God sometimes. So? That doesn't mean they're out to get us or to convert our children.

God gave us Chrsitians the blessings of sensibility, let's not let them go to waste.

I am open minded, but I have seen evidence of science and logic. I have never seen or heard of any evidence of "god", and especially never any evidence that religion has in any way helped society.

I can't wait to see this movie. The concept is so unique and Ricky Gervais is the funniest person in the world.

If all you people are really wondering about the "anti-christian" sentiments you are seeing recently, it is a backlash against this huge anti-science movement we are seeing today. It is the joke that the republican part has become trying to pander to the religious. It is the absolute hypocrisy of the so called christians you see in the US, these pro-war, pro-murder (or doctors), pro-liars that is causing this backlash.

Maybe you aren't these type of "christians", but you certainly aren't saying anything against them. I guess a lying, hypocritical christian is better than an honest atheist.

Bore off God Squad!!!

Change your tune, how many years have you acted as the victims whilst ramming you this Jebus character down our throats!!!!

I read the Bible for the first time a few weeks back, i was stayingon business in hotel so it was the only place i would bump into the dusty old door stop. I flicked it open to a random page and all I found was what food was okay to eat and which not.... "must chew of the cud and have split hoves" - rough quote. WHAT THE KNOB ARE THEY ON ABOUT. they change re-name the Bible "How To Live A pointless life by Jesus"

I know that you won't show this comment, but what the hell. Oops - bad start there. I said hell. That's probably worth a thousand furious words here right?

If you choose to view the world through your own skewed superstitious prism then that's your business. But if you are asking people to take your opinions on anything (let alone the work of a man widely regarded by people that know their comedy as a genius) even slightly seriously then you are going to be disappointed. Why you ask? Well let me enlighten you (oops, that's probably blasphemous).

You think that science, carbon dating, Darwin, Einstein and all of modern science are less likely to be right than a book written by men that lived thousands of years ago, hundreds of years after the events that they purport to be writing about, and who didn't know what germs, gravity, rainbows or thunderstorms were.

We live in a world in which we can't rely on live streamed 24-hour news reports but somehow your book is definitely correct in every way? Give me a break.

Why would I take your opinions of this movie (or this acclaimed actor/writer/director/standup) seriously? You genuinely believe that invisible men with wings are flapping around in the ether to see if I might be touching my penis, but you expect to be listened to?

I hear more reliable commentary from the dirty smelly guy sleeping rough down the street. Actually he looks a bit like Jesus. Oops - I was doing so well there.

can't wait for this film. looks amazing.

everything ricky does is genius.

'Ricky is God' hahahahahaha

What would Mr. Dilkington think of this sort of "joke"?

So someone makes a film where christianity isn't glorified and instead is portrayed as something a non-christian would see it?

You may believe that your religion is the undying truth and all that jazz but that doesn't make it so.

? I don't get it. Even if the film is saying religion is a fiction, how could that possibly target Christians and not Muslims?

If you're an atheist, you think it's all nonsense.

As much as some Christians love to be victims, I hate to tell you: you're not.

Let me preface this by saying that I attach myself to no religion, although that is not to say that I'm an Atheist either. I wasn't raised with religion and as such I've found it too big a question to answer for myself. So I sit in limbo.

I can understand the feeling of being attacked in film (or literature or music or whatever). The conundrum is that Mr. Gervais is an Atheist and making a film (presumably) that expresses his own beliefs. It's not an attack, it's a statement. Much in the same way that Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" wasn't an attack on Atheists but merely a personal statement of his beliefs.

I think the problem from your end (if this post is addressed to the creators of this blog), is that most Christian-made films are simply not that good. This is not meant to be offensive but merely the statement of fact that it appears that the most talented folks in Hollywood either lean toward Atheism or fear losing their fan base by getting attached to a Christian-oriented film. And, by Hollywood standards, blatantly religious films wouldn't do well opening wide at the multiplexes. The films that Kirk Cameron is doing are selling well because of alternative marketing campaigns, showings at churches, and DVD sales. Not because they wouldn't attract a following (Gibson's film proved that they would) but because they are simply not good films; they provide good messages. Which is a huge difference.

My theory is that if a Christian-oriented comedy, perhaps even a satire skewering Atheism, were made well, funny, and cast with talented actors, the world would come out to see it and more than likely even Mr. Gervais would be pleased to compliment it as a good film. The best reaction to any slander, the "taking of the high road" as it were, is not to return the favor on those in question, but simply to be your own proponent. Make your own great film, your own satire. Seems the best answer, in my humble opinion.

You touchy touchy people, if you don't like it you don't have to watch it. If God does not like it he will send bolts of lightning down and destroy all the film stock.

So lets sit back and see if that happens.

"In regards to "making fun of Christians," what do you suppose has caused this to be so rampant these days? (it has actually been occurring for much of the past 2000 years, but what specifically in the current wave of ridicule might be underlying this?"

Are you kidding me? Let me give you small hint. I just learned of a site, yesterday, that offers Post-Raputre Pet Care. When you get taken up to heaven in the Rapture, this company of sworn atheists will adopt your pet, because apparently, all dogs DON'T go to heaven after all.
And you ask what Christians have done to deserve ridicule.

The film's possible instigation that Religion is a lie ( i guess that is what the article writer is speculating) is nothing particularly new, but I can see why some people might be put off the film by it. It's a free world so I can't see that the film is doing anything wrong, just something which could divide viewers.

I agree with the nice person who posted "if you have a point, make it civilly"

All the Gervais fans posting here using swear words, course language and insulting terms are just cheapening themselves. If you don't agree with Christianity, let it be, make fun of it in private if you find it funny, but don't shove your opinions into their face so coarsely and aggressively.

Wow, I'm a Gervais fan and I didn't act like a horrible person on here. Hope I set a trend.

I just hope it's as funny as "Dogma"!

I can't wait to see this film.

This movie looks great, thanks for letting me know about it.

This film looks incredibly funny and clever. a lot of comedy just sticks to the tried and tested but this seems to really be pushing the boat out and i'm sure it will be fantastically funny :) and i think the idea the film will be 'blasphemous' is utterly ridiculous, its in the same vein as Life Of Brian, it's to show how things like that can get out of hand and become occult, a satire. can't wait for this film!

LOL @ this blog. That is all.

I am sure Ricky will be ashamed that most of his fan`s are unable to say something without swearing ,believe in God or not, its still absolutely disgusting to be swearing on here, show some respect, I am sure the only people who will mess Ricky`s career up is the narrow minded retarded fans that think writing `Karl has a head like etc` is hilarious,when in reality is moronic,it is funny when said by Ricky and in the right time and place, people copying it and writing on here is just sad,obsessive and pathetic.

Grow up

Ricky Gervais is brilliant. And anyone who isn't an Atheist hasn't bothered engaging in critical thinking beyond the level of a mewing cabbage. Sorry to be honest. Oh, wait, I'm not.

"What were them things in Gremlins called again?"

Karl Dilkington

Listen, firstly, THE MOVIE ISN'T EVEN OUT YET. Secondly, choosing to not believe in God is a belief in itself (I am speaking as a Christian here, so don't immediately dismiss me). If Christians start screaming anytime any media comes out that suggests that there isn't a God, then Atheists should have the exact right to do the same whenever a film about Jesus comes out.

That's blasphemy! Which I hate.

Although left out of the article, the only bit (other than the images which fly by almost too fast to see) that suggestion that the character's newly found ability to lie get used to start a religion is the part where he is making up a rule about no sex outside of marriage. It's clear that that's what raised suspicion although not admitted to in the article. Is that because Christianity's iron age prohibitions around sex are embarassingly silly?

Christians, you had your fun while it lasted discriminating against others and generally demonizing non-believers. We've all moved on and your fairy tales are less convincing than ever.

If this movie does criticize religion, I am glad its a comedy. Religion is so silly its not worth serious treatment, we can all just laugh and breath a sigh of relief that at long last superstion is slowly losing its grip on people(hoepfully).

So, you're trying to say that religion is the truth? Even though there are tons of religions each saying they have proof that theirs is the 'true' religion? Let's face it, it's made up. There are arguments either way to argue if religion is a good or bad thing, but I think most logical people would at least agree that unless it's able to be proved (and someone saying that they talked to god does not count), then it's fantasy.