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September 18, 2009

Ben-Hur's Roots in . . . Indiana??

As the classic film turns 50, writer's home state remembers him

Ben-Hur, one of the greatest Bible epics of all time, is 50 this year.

And while one Indianapolis journalist remembers the writer, Indiana native Lew Wallace, in a quiet way, the O2 in London remembers the story in a bit louder fashion with an extravagant stage show that its promoter calls "an opera for God."

Watch the teaser video for the production below, and learn more about it at the official site.


Wallace was evidently also a land developer with the money he made. In downtown Indianapolis an apartment building he built, the Blacherne, named after the palace in his first novel, _The Prince of India_, has been recently restored. See http://www.vanrooy.com/blacherne/

One correction, _The Fair God_ was Wallace's first novel, _The Prince of India_ was written after _Ben Hur_ during his tenure as the U.S. ambassador to Turkey.