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September 24, 2009

Creation gets an American distributor after all.

A few days ago, Brandon mentioned that the producers of Creation -- one of a few movies about Charles Darwin that have been produced this year in honour of Darwin's 200th birthday -- were claiming it had been difficult to find an American distributor for their film because evolutionary theory is "still a really hot potato in America."

Now, the Hollywood Reporter says an American distributor has been found for the film after all -- and it is Newmarket Films, the same distributor that handled Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ nearly six years ago. If anyone in this business would know how to handle a "really hot potato", it would seem to be them.

Newmarket is reportedly thinking of releasing the film in December. (If they really want to stir up some controversy, they could try releasing it Christmas Day.)

Meanwhile, the film opens in its native Britain tomorrow, and in conjunction with that release, the Christian outreach organization Damaris has posted some movie-related resources at their website "to help churches, schools and community groups make the most of this film."

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Thankfully, all sides will be presented in this controversial film. The conservatives may even benefit from this. After all, they did evolve...whether fast or slow. Sorry!

Christians don't believe in murder, but many go to movies about murder--and movie producers don't hesitate to put out movies about murder. We don't believe in sexual immorality, but likewise. We do believe people need to struggle with ultimate questions, and this seems to be a movie about that, even if wrong conclusions may be defended. So is there really a fuss about this movie being in theaters? I'm just now hearing about this film and possible controversy. But I'm puzzled. Sounds to me like the film will be a great conversation starter.