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October 19, 2009


A new documentary ponders the nature of God


The new documentary Oh My God, due out next month, interviews men and women from all walks of life, from atheists to devout believers of a myriad of faiths, in an attempt to get to the bottom of the age old question, "What is God?" Director Peter Rodgers, frustrated over how God is increasingly politicized in our culture, spent more than two years making the film in a journey that crisscrossed 23 different countries.

"I was fed up with the childish schoolyard mentality that permeates this world," Rodgers says. "I call it the “My God Is Greater Than Your God” syndrome, where you have grown men flying into buildings shouting “God is Great, ”where you have the leader of the free world telling the BBC in 2003 that he invaded Iraq because God told him to. None of these concepts made any sense to me, so I decided to go around the world and ask people what they think."

Rodgers interviewed everyone from rabbis to Christian fundamentalists, Muslim radicals to Buddhist monks, Hindu Swamis to Catholic priests. (He also interviews a handful of celebrities including Hugh Jackman, Ringo Star and Seal — though I'm not entirely sure why we should care what they think).

See the trailer here or go the official website where you can submit your answer to the question: "God is _______."


Wait so what is his goal with this film? Why do people flying planes into buildings for "God" get soooo much attention while many missionaries saving lives and helping people for God get no attention?

I think this might be a good movie for Christians to see. It give us a chance to see how we can reach other people with the gospel. To reach people with the Gospel we really need to understand them and what they believe...their world view. So regardless of the goal of the movie Christians should go into it with the understanding of the opportunity to take the information and GO IN ALL THE WORLD AND PREACH THE GOSPEL MAKING DISCIPLES OF THE NATIONS.