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October 23, 2009

Wanna Be a Movie Producer? Now You Can!

Marchiano seeks 4.5 million 'producers' for Jesus movie . . . and other Christian film news.

Remember Bruce Marchiano and his winsome performance as Jesus in 1993’s The Visual Bible: The Gospel According to Matthew?

For years, Marchiano has wanted to do something similar with the Gospel of John -- a word-for-word adaptation of the book to the big screen. Finding deep-pocketed investors, however, has been another story. So Marchiano has recently changed his strategy: He's now calling the hoped-for film Jesus . . . No Greater Love, still a verbatim adaptation. But how's he going to pay for it? That's where you come into the picture . . .

Marchiano is calling on regular folks to be "co-producers" of the film -- specifically, he's asking 4.5 million Christians to give $10 apiece (tax deductible) to turn his vision into reality.

“In all humility," says Marchiano, "I am asking Christians around the world to support us, to unite across cultures and denominations in the name of Jesus. It will be a long process, but if we all pull together, we can get this movie made—that the nations might be saved.”

Learn more about Marchiano's plan, and the film, at the official site, and check out the excitement in this promo video:

> The new documentary Inside the Revolution, based on Joel Rosenberg’s book of the same title, has been selling well at Barnes & Noble, recently finishing at No. 2 in overall sales. The doc, like the book, concerns volatile relations in the Middle East; the subtitle says it all: “How the followers of Jihad, Jefferson and Jesus are battling to dominate the Middle East and transform the world.” Both products are distributed by Tyndale House Publishers; the DVD is available for purchase here.

> To Save a Life, a drama about teen suicide and what students can do to help hurting peers, will hit theaters on January 22 and will be distributed by Samuel Goldwyn (Fireproof, Amazing Grace). Outreach Films is also partnering with the film, which has a subtle evangelistic message.

> Luke Barnett, a Christian actor, is producing a new documentary called Spare Some Change about homeless youth in America. He is also part of the Spare Some Change movement, which hopes to get as many homeless kids off the streets as possible. Learn more about the movement here, and check out their promo video below:


Your reporting is inaccurate.

Bruce's vision has always been to fund the film this way. In one of the articles in the "News" section of the website he says the reason for funding this film this way is because he doesn't want to seem the same tug-o-war he saw between ministry and profit in previous films he's been involved in.

Regardless of the funding mechanism, anyone who saw Bruce's portrayal of Jesus in "Matthew" would likely agree that supporting "Jesus...No Greater Love" is a true investment in the Kingdom of God.