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November 23, 2009

Are you Mooning over "New Moon?"

Are you a Fan?


The Twilight Saga: New Moon had the best open of 2009, beating out last year’s The Dark Knight for highest opening night, though it did not beat The Dark Knight’s weekend numbers.

Our review of the film wasn’t especially favorable, but we’re curious what you thought. Much has been made of author Stephanie Meyer’s devout Mormonism and the manner in which her worldview, especially that of abstinence until marriage, has become a crucial (if unconscious) theme for the series.

Do you let your teenagers watch Twilight? Perhaps you are a fan. Do you take issue with the world Twilight has created—like many who find Harry Potter unsavory—or do you find Twilight resonates with a greater spiritual dimension like the universes of Tolkien and Lewis?


Wow - where can I begin? I read the series (devoured is a better word) and absolutely loved it. I even encouraged my teenage daughter to read it. I saw the first movie, bought the secular soundtrack to it (the first secular music I had purchased in 4 years) and listened to it often. I have not always lived for the Lord and as such have dabbled in the occult. I have been hypnotized, experienced a ouijia board, tarot cards, even had a "contact" with a demonic spirit. As such, I feel that I am probably a little more sensitive to the spiritual darkness we are surrounded in. So much so that Halloween makes me uncomfortable as well - don't get me wrong, I am a child of the King and protected, but I think that once the door is opened then you need to be careful. I didn't think anything was wrong with this at first, was excited because the author was Mormon and really felt a correlation between the passion and loyalty that the character Edward feels as somewhat the same as Christ - which could be like CS Lewis. However, I began to notice that I began having dreams about it, would think about the story, and particularly after watching the movie, would get excited (physically and emotionally)anytime that I saw a preview of the movie or advertisement. My neighbor, who is in her 40's has her own "room" in the basement dedicated to the series with all kinds of decor and even encouraged her 5-year old twins to watch. What I am noticing more and more is that this series has become an obsessive addiction for so many - how successful the enemy must feel at this! He has distracted us from what we should be focused on and has achieved a wide age range as well for this deception. In my opinion the entire thing is being used to confuse people - that longing we have can only be filled by Christ. Yes, there is abstinence before marriage (finally) but doesn't anyone find it interesting how we can use that to justify our intensity in feelings for something that makes no mention of what we want people to hear that need to know Christ? I have heard no mention from any pulpit or organization that recognizes this for what it is - and that frightens me even more. Well, we are living in the last days and doesn't the Bible mention a great deception and falling away?

I loved it all. It's just fun. People are taking it to seriously and analyzing it and comparing it other works of literature. It's not about that. It's just like a fun thing to enjoy.

I have not watched the movie nor read the books. I have read lots of C.S. Lewis. I saw and listened to some of the reviews and am definitely not going to watch the movie or read the books. I don't approve of the whole vampire theme nor do I approve of the way the movie romanticizes love. The way Edward is portrayed as "good" because he does not want the heroine to become a vampire I think muddles the lines of good and evil (he is after all a vampire). I also believe suicide is romanticized in the movie as well and the heroine casts her life with God away to be with Edward (albeit in death). Actually I believe this movie has the potential to harm people's perceptions of good v. evil and especially appeals to teenage girls.....my girls are still young but have no interest in vampires and I prefer to let them watch Narnia and movies like Treasures in the Snow, old Shirley Temple movies, The Little House in The Prairie series and of course, Odyssey movies. We have lots of videos and dvds but do not have cable and rarely watch television. It is hard to watch commercials and shows when we are at other people's homes who do have television.....bad scenes usually come up and we turn the tv off rather quickly. Since we have been without television for about 15 years now, it feels as though blinders have been removed from our eyes. Sometimes we'll watch an old show that we used to think was okay when we watched tv regularly and now we think, how could we ever have thought that was okay? It actually feels very liberating not to be under the spell of the movies and television. My oldest son did see the Harry Potter movies with his dad and we all discussed it afterwards. He did not read the books but did read the Narnia books, The Hobbit by Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien as well. We love the Fireproof movie, Facing the Giants, It's A wonderful Life.....sometimes we would watch Touched By an Angel reruns.

I watched the movie and I must say its a beautiful movie. Much better than twilight. New Moon was an evolving story of what's in the book. However I was expecting more until I realized its the end of the movie. I guess I felt that way knowing that its not as detailed as in the book. Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching it.

I have no problems with the fictional world that Meyers has created. I consider the series to be badly written, but I do not take issue with that.

My problem with the series is the characters. Bella is your steriotypical damsel in distress who lets Edward control her in ways that are far from healthy. Edward, for his part, is the type of guy I'd warn my daughter away from if I had one. He acts nice, but he's controlling. He sits outside Bella's window and watches her. He takes her car so she can't go visit other boys.

Basically, unlike Harry Potter, the central messages in Twilight, especially in terms of relationships, are not ones that Christians should agree with. That is what makes the difference, not what fictional setting is chosen to show those messages.

It all appears a bit ridiculous to me. I suppose I can see who it should appeal to: teenage girls who like watching 'werewolves' or young, airbrushed-shirtless men pop up throughout a movie. Older women who are into this series should consider a self-evaluation. Character "Bella" has a level of obsession that is alarming. And as "Free Movies" said, "Edward" has some creeper-problems of his own. It's a romance novel for teenage girls, mixed with the 'mystery' of the dark-unknown world of vampires. Stupid.

I like Brittany's comments, I too felt the same overwhelming excitement when I read the series. My 14 year old daughter read the series, and I read it to see what it was about and feel "well versed" on knowing what she was being exposed to.
I was instead engulfed in an addiction to the franchise myself, buying the soundtrack, swooning over the books and giggling at the previews with her.
While I think there is some chastity to the series, there is also some deep rooted "lust" that is danced around often, particularly with the half naked shots of the guys in New Moon.
It seems like the enemy has cleverly masked the virtuous "no sex before marriage" for a stealthy "lust for the eyes" tradeoff.

This is such a good post. I got a lot of info from reading your article. I am glad i went through your post. Thank you for posting and keep up the good work.

I have seen both the movies. I loved twilight, but new moon was'nt upto my expectations. I just did'nt want to seed Edward beaten up so badly. How could he just leave her and go away? When will Bella be a part of them..?

Overall, the movie was disappointing. Jacob/Bella story was well presented but some things could be left out. Up until the part when Alice returns the movie is OK.

Late poster placing my personal opinion about the Twilight series:
I am 40, Christian (not mormon) and enjoy both the books and movies. I don’t feel that they hold anything that would be spiritually damaging to others since it is in fact “fiction” and is sold as such. The writer herself, to my knowledge, isn’t involved in occult practices, she’s just a fictional writer. Unlike the writer of the Harry Potter series of books, and because of that fact alone, I will never read one book of written of hers.
I find Twilight no more damaging than The Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Shrek (who is an Ogre who is suppose to eat humans), or most Disney films for that matter.
It is just a story of good against evil and the love between 2 beings (like Romeo and Juliet). The characters are merely “FICTIONAL”. If you believe otherwise, then you have issues of another sort.
God gave us an imagination, I enjoy using mine and thoroughly enjoy reading others.
People who are against the books mentioned are reading too much into things. You can’t go around chasing demons around every corner, what a stressful and judging way to live (anxiety ridden).
Vampire’s don’t exist, they came from the imagination of a one person long ago and they were derived of a good versus evil concept that shows us how we can conquer and triumph.
Who doesn’t love a story about the noble prince rescuing his princess. Every girl/women’s unrealistic imagination of what a man should be, but isn’t. That’s the fun in fiction!
I don’t believe for a minute that they are “Anti-Christian”, that’s just ridiculous. When I was reading the books, all I could focus on was good and their quest for good in the world as well as their STRUGGLE to be good. Much like the STRUGGLE we go through daily to be good Christians and how very hard is is to reflect Christ within us.
People need to get a grip and relax. Use your discernment for pete sake and stop looking for evil. Just prepare yourself against it, don’t seek it.
I've read in other web posts (not here) that people are comparing vampires to demons. There is a huge difference. Vampires are fiction, demons are not. If you want to compare them as the same, then I am very sorry for you. I chose not to glorify Satan in any way, I chose to look above and beyond to better things and choose to look at it as a change in self, and the good that comes out of striving to become better.

I thought the Twilight Series was phenomenal! The books and the movies were very clean. I read all 4 books and found them to be highly entertaining, fantasy romance novels. I don't feel they gloried "the occult" nor do I don't feel they were dishonoring to God.

The Vampires are portrayed more as a natural species as opposed to a demonic being. In fact, they were so humanized that they reluctantly turned to folklore and mystical websites learn about themselves. They didn't consider themselves to be the evil, damned creatures of the paranomal. They just knew their natural instinct was for human blood. They didn't hate humans. They didn't want to kill them. They physically and emotionally battled their "natural desires" for blood and CHOSE not to kill. Isn't that what we Christians do everyday. Resist our evil nature and try not to sin??? Don't our teenagers battle the physical and emotional desires of love and lust or drugs and alcohol?

The books briefly touch on the demonic aspects of Vampires, but quickly scoff at them and write them off as mostly nonsense.

Bella's love for Edward is your typical teenage attraction to the most mysteriously beautiful boy in school. What girl wasn't attracted to him and if chosen, wouldn't fall as hard
as Bella did. She didn't LOVE the "vampire" and want to become a "bloodsucker". She loved Edward. Unfortunately, he was a vampire. Yes, she quickly neglected her soul and wanted to be a vampire to be with him. So, she wasn't a Christian and never claimed to be....what else would you expect from the blind. But Edward, who's suppose to be the evil vampire, loved her so much that he wouldn't make her a vampire because he didn't want her to be damned to a life thirsting for human blood.

I think the story was beautiful and it really did focus around love and compassion and doing what was right when our flesh craved so stongly our own desires.

Wives, one caution....don't compare your husband to Edward. He is a ficticious character from the 1800's who unfortunately does not exist today. Sorry, that mold is broken, never to be recreated again. :)