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November 16, 2009

'Fireproof' Filmmakers Announce Next Movie

'Courageous' about fathers 'rising with courage.' Plus other religious movie news.

Sunday's evening service was anything but "regular" at Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Ga. An air of expectancy and members of the media were on hand to hear about the next film from Sherwood Pictures, which had already made Facing the Giants and Fireproof.

At Sunday's service, filmmakers Alex and Steven Kendrick announced that the next film will be called Courageous. Production will begin in March; no release date has been announced.

“The movie is about fatherhood,” Alex Kendrick said at the announcement.

Keep reading for further details about the film . . .

“Four fathers who are all in law enforcement—who protect and serve together—go through a terrible tragedy," said Alex Kendrick. "They begin looking at their role as fathers . . . and they begin challenging one another to fulfill God’s intention for fathers." Steven Kendrick added, "God's call is for men to rise with courage in their homes and be strong in their leadership."

Alex Kendrick also promised "action beyond what we've ever done before, you'll see tension, drama, a little bit of romance, and a good deal of humor as well. But more than that, a message that we believe God wants us to present through this project."

For more info and to see the announcement video, go to the official website.
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The River Within, a new film from Cloud Ten Pictures (the Left Behind Movies), released to DVD last week. It's about a somewhat disillusioned young man pursuing his law degree, looking for the meaning of life -- and he apparently finds some answers while volunteering as a counselor at a Christian youth camp.
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Want to know more about the "strange warming" that made John Wesley such a great preacher and one of the greats in the halls of Christian faith? Then you might check out Wesley, a new film from Foundery Pictures. The official website describes it thus: "His ministry is controversial, there is mob violence, confrontation, and tension followed by his victorious preaching to thousands in his home town. In short, this true story has everything that Hollywood loves to put into movies!"
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A gay Mormon filmmaker has made a movie about his church's activism against gay marriage in California. The film, 8: The Mormon Proposition, sprung from Reed Cowan's conversations with his sister about her support for Proposition 8. "I thought, if this is the dialogue in my Mormon family, then what is like in other Mormon households," the Miami-area filmmaker and former Utah television journalist said in an AP story.


Fireproof actually approached verisimilitude at some points but on the whole was rather hokey and poorly acted.