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November 6, 2009

'Hollywood picking on us Christians'

So says one blogger about 2012; another says the director lacks, er, gumption (sort of).

A week from today, Roland Emmerich's apocalyptic epic 2012 hits the big screen, and the trailer clearly shows such iconic Christian sites as the Sistine Chapel, Saint Peter’s Basilica, and the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro (in the poster at left) all come a-tumblin' down when all heck breaks loose on doomsday.

What you don't see getting smashed to smithereens are any Islamic holy places -- and that has at least a couple of bloggers mad.

Calling director Emmerich a "coward," a blogger for The American Catholic writes, "This is just another example of Hollywood picking on us Christians. 'Us' Christians call this behavior bigotry in the form of Christophobia. More commonly known as anti-Christian or more specifically anti-Catholicism in the case of this film." The blogger goes on to note that Emmerich was concerned about having a fatwa (essentially a Muslim death threat) on his head.

Meanwhile, at Big Hollywood, Greg Gutfield writes, "Where are Roland Emmerich’s balls?" He notes that Emmerich had said "he hoped to destroy the Kaaba, an Islamic holy site, but his fellow screenwriter Harald Kloser persuaded him not to" -- again, out of the fear of fatwa. Gutfield writes: "Hollywood screws with Christians because Christians don’t behead people. But tweak Islam, and you could end up like director Theo van Gogh – dead on a street with a flag impaled on your chest. Roland picks the safe target because he’d rather live . . . [This] proves that Roland has the gonads of a shrimp."

As for Emmerich, here's his explanation, in his words, for not destroying anything Islamic: "We have to all, in the western world, think about this. You can actually let Christian symbols fall apart, but if you would do this with [an] Arab symbol, you would have ... a fatwa. So it's just something which I kind of didn't [think] was [an] important element, anyway, in the film, so I kind of left it out."

For what it's worth, the early teaser trailer for 2012 shows some sort of Himalayan holy man -- presumably a Buddhist -- biting the dust first. (He's pictured in the screen capture at left.) So, it's not like Emmerich was just picking on the Christians.

Here's the latest trailer:


great movie?

Why do we care about this? There are so many other films that have been much more subtle like "The Invention Of Lying" that has done way more damage to Christianity than this. Besides Emmerich is a bad filmmaker who makes bad films. It's the good film makers we should be concerned about.

Religions today are not what they were thousands of years ago. It's possible that those early faiths consisted of the survivors of the last world age (or their offspring) and, like the Mayans, were trying to warn people in the future that these mass extinctions happen every so often - hence the golden, silver, bronze and iron ages described by Hesiod, the Hopis and countless other cultures in their ancient texts.

Why couldn't Mr. Emmerich be talking about that right now, instead making stupid comments about organized religion? If anyone wants to explore the various 2012 prophecies (including the one from John of Patmos in the Bible) as well as the relevant science, they should check out all the History Channel programs on this subject and visit the 2012 section at thecityedition.com, which contains a huge compilation of articles and websites.

Sad? My understanding of fatwa is fight... How disrespectful and high 'n mighty that Emmerich doesn't "think" that there'd be no fight if he depicted Christian symbols as falling. He is so far off the mark... and another programmed "director" being compelled by the Satanic elites. I hope for his sake it's worth it and that Emmerich has had his 15 minutes of fame.

I don't worship the statues and icons. I worship God. So, I understand that the falling of these is used in films for imagery and I don't get bent out of shape about a director toppling them. No graven image.

It's a movie, people... A MOVIE!

Grow up! I swear, if you would get as concerned with injustice as you are with celebrities and hollywood, the Kingdom would have already come.

Some days, I feel shame for being a Christian.

why christian symbols fall
let's see, perhaps 2012 brings issues which uniquely attacks traditional chritianity ?

On the surface I assume the destruction simply targets well known landmarks to emphasize the enormity of the destruction. On the other hand, OF COURSE Hollywood is picking on Christians. Hollywood hates Christianity and all it stands for. Is this seriously the first time you've noticed this? Why on earth would Christians look to Hollywood for anything? Hollywood has systematically sought to undermine the foundations of Christianity and sadly has made significant inroads. This is evidenced by the fact that Christians are ‘surprised’ when they see something considered to be anti-Christian in a movie.

like so many films these days 2012 has a poorly written script and is so over the top with special effects its unrealistic and ruins the film.

Religious icons SHOULD BE DESTROYED! Praise YHVH and HIS 1st commandment.

I can't believe you think any of the stuff on the History Chanel is accurate

Warning: Reading the Quran maybe hazardous to your mental health.

There is something sure will happen in the movie & that's the end will surely come. Why believed in something (the movie) that do not accurately describe what the bible says. Whether they are Catholic, Muslim,Christian,etc, destruction will fall to those who do not believe in True God. Read the Bible.

Um.. it's just a statue. And it's realistic. If there's an earthquake or some insane natural disaster then statues and buildings are going to fall...

Following Jesus does not involves worshiping statues. I think people who don't understand what following Jesus is, might think it is insulting but it really isn't. In the end man-made things will fall and His Truth will remain. Why wasn't it a symbol from another religion? The answer might be that throughout the Bible human nature is accepted, we are allowed to question. GRACE overflows.

Interesting. He hates "organized religion" but for some reason makes sure that those who practice Islam survive the end of the world in his movie "2012"

His irrational hatred of Christianity and Catholicism in particular, winds up with him making the largest pro-Islamic propaganda film in the history of mankind - despite him hating "organized religion" - the message of the movie is clear: If you wish to survive the end of the world, you got to join Islam.

Very nice. Way to go.

Irrational bigotry always leads to irrational consequences.

If you haven't accepted Jesus as your savior, your going to Hell. Who cares about some money that will burn?

On one hand I say why even give a head nod to Islam by having anything Islam in a movie helping watchers including children think that Islam is important enough or cared about enough to even show anything Islam being destroyed in a Revelation/end time movie. It's a made up religion copied from Judaism and Christianity by a man who was pissed at the Jewish people laughing at his mixed up Jewish stories he memorized or thought he had them memorized right as he tried to be another prophet. On the other hand,Islam needs to be brought into the modern day, where fake cults are not forced upon people through the threat of death. As much as their "man" loved using military force and murder to spread Islam, Islam needs to be taught and forced to accept the fact that people have a right to believe as they wish and Islam has no more rights than I do to murderously force Islam on others. That is its history and that's why we do need to stand up to this cult and its followers. Leave it out of the movie, it's more insulting to not even recognize Islam, like they do in their countries to non-Muslims. It's their own psychological warfare against infidels used against them for a change. Of course, after I post this, I'll probably change my thinking. A woman's perogative, something not allowed in Islam.

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After watching the movie last night, I was surprised and astonished why Kaaba in Mecca wasn't destroyed in that global catastrophe

but it showed in the film that the Sistine Chapel in Rome crumbled and crashed to the ground..

but other landmarks was also destroyed...

Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, White House in Washington D.C., Las Vegas and the city of Los Angeles sunk into the Pacific Ocean...

and New York City was spared.. but it was scripted knowing that Mr. Emmerich was too tired and weary of destroying the Big Apple like what he did in ID4 and the Day after Tomorrow...

Mr. Emmerich, stop picking on Christians... i beg you..

I think Emmerich is blowing this movie way out of perportion. We really don't know for sure what is giong to happen if anything at all. the earth will never be destroyed like that at least not in our time. After the rapture there will be seven years befor christ return to set up his kingdom and then he will rule fo 1000 years after his return. then he will let satan loose again for a short time befor he finally destroys him for good. We shoild prepare for christ' rapture of his people Don't be left behind.

Warning: Reading the Bible maybe hazardous to your mental health. *sarcastic.lol

Its just a movie.chill~

I saw it today and TBH I would have never noticed if not for the commotion. It was a movie and TBH there would have been no attack on Islam to show them being destroyed as well. There may end op being a price on their heads for insulting Islam and making it so unimportant that it did not even rate being destroyed.

why are some of you so angry at muslims... I don't see any Muslim involved in making this movie. A Muslim Director will not think for a second of doing this to any religouse icon.

I did not see any Jewish icons being destroyed either. I didn't see any Jews praying either... could it be because Mr. Emmerich is Jewish?.

What about the scene where the film makes a point that some people don't deserve to be on the ship for not being from the best gene pool?. They only got in because of their money... remember that scene?, of course they were the Arabs and the Muslims ... among few other kinds... Don;t worry Arab and Muslim hate is quite wide-spread and it is far more settle and sinister .

I saw 2012 only yesterday on DVD and found it, like most action films, altogether unbelievable, and mostly entertaining.

I have watched enough films, and understand enough about popular culture, to know that if one wants a fair or balanced view on religion generally or christianity particularly, Hollywood is not to place to look.

As for "fighting back" the Christian community could simply not expend good money and time to see films that intentionally demean and insult, are openly hostile or discriminate against the Christian faith.

And the intention ought not to be to hurt anyone, nor indeed to ask any favours, but to simply show that Christians will not, like fools, pay to be ridiculed.

The other alternative of course, is for Christians to produce their own films while openly supporting those whose views on the Christian faith is not informed by igmorance, arrogance or animus.