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November 3, 2009

Looking for Laughs? Look No Further

'Thou Shalt Laugh 4' brings plenty of yuks into your living room

Sometimes the best cure for stress and anxiety is a good laugh, and there are plenty of them on Thou Shalt Laugh 4, which released to DVD today. I've enjoyed previous installments of this series, and this one may be the funniest yet.

Though billed as "Christian comedy," don't roll your eyes. (I know what you're thinking!) Yes, it's clean, but it's also really funny -- proving that the terms "Christian" and "funny" don't have to be mutually exclusive. (Even an oxymoron could figure that one out.)

There are a lot of funny moments on the disc, but the funniest come from Michael Jr., whose schticks on "creepy Christians," the "oversaved" and the pressure of being Jesus's little brother are all worth the price of admission. I like what the comedian says on his own website: “If I’m in a club, my material has to be clean enough to work in a church. If I’m in a pulpit, it has to be funny enough to work in a club.” Amen to that.

Watch the trailer here:

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