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November 5, 2009

Megachurches Get a Movie!

Also: 'Friends for Life' lauded; 'Love Comes' in a boxed set; and capitalism saves the planet

We've got movies about the end of the world, about wild things, about paranormal activity, about criminals, and now about . . . megachurches? Whassup with that?

That's exactly what Morgan Mead, a young Christian filmmaker from Indiana, wanted to know. Why are there so many megachurches, what's the phenomena all about, and just what is their role in American Christendom? Mead pursues answers to these questions, and more, in The Alpha and the Mega, now available on DVD.

In a recent interview, Mead explained why he decided to look into the megachurch mythos . . .

"My wife and I were in Kentucky, and we were looking for a church to go to," he told Metromix Indianapolis. "We went to this enormous church and it was unlike anything I've ever seen. I grew up in smaller churches. It was interesting to me, so I started researching. What I found is that there is a lot of disagreement about their tactics and the way they do things versus a smaller type church."

Here's the trailer:

* * *
Friends for Life, a full length, live action motion picture from Grizzly Adams Productions, has been selected to receive a Redemptive Storyteller Award by the Virginia-based Redemptive Film Festival.
* * *
The complete Love Comes Softly film series, based on the books by Janette Oke and including several directed by Michael Landon Jr., comes to DVD in a boxed set on December 1, Fox Home Entertainment has announced. The eighth and final film, Love Finds a Home, releases on Nov. 10, followed by the complete set a few weeks later.
* * *
While Michael Moore decries the "evils" of capitalism, another new documentary champions it as a way to save the world. The New Recruits follows Joel Montgomery, a Christian from Alabama, and two other business school grads who are using social entrepreneurship to help the poor. The film documents Montgomery's year-long quest to help rural Pakistani farmers counter an impeding water crisis using drip irrigation systems as an alternative to flooding their fields. More info at HuffPost and CBN.

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