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December 23, 2009

Mormon Films, Evangelical Audience?

That seems to be the strategy of Bridgestone Multimedia Group

A recent story in The Mormon Times reported that LDS filmmakers invited the Bridgestone Multimedia Group to Salt Lake City in an apparent effort to get some of its films into Christian bookstores.

David Austin, vice president of sales and marketing at Bridgestone, told the newspaper he was "looking for films that don't have any direct denominational connections, that won't exclude or cause any group within the Christian community to be adverse to them. The better job we can do to make them have ecumenical appeal, the better chance they have for commercial success and a regional larger audience."

Mormon filmmaker Lyman Dayton is working with BYU on a remake of 1975's Against a Crooked Sky, and sought Austin's advice on making it appeal to a wider audience.


Although we are family-centered, we are not "MorMOMs"
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