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December 2, 2009

Radar Love

Gary Burghoff, who played Radar on TV's "M*A*S*H*," making a Christian movie

There's no Father Mulcahy to be found anywhere on the set of Daniel's Lot, the latest Christian movie to join the lineup of church-made films. But there is a Pastor William Mahoney played by none other than Radar himself -- Gary Burghoff, who won an Emmy in 1977 in his signature role on the TV comedy M*A*S*H*.

Burghoff, shown here with Daniel's Lot co-star Dominick Shaw, is a Christian who says that after reading the script for the film, "I prayed and the Lord told me to do this. I respect what they (the Faith and Power Worship Center of Apopka, FL) are doing very much."

The filmmakers describe Daniel's Lot as "a love story of faith, obedience, redemption, and salvation." It's the story of "a down-and-out office worker and his struggle to come to terms with his loyalty to his late father, personal problems within his own family, and a newfound obedience to God which provides the deliverance he needs."

Sounds like something right up Father Mulcahy's, er, Hawkeye's, er, Radar's alley.


Awesome! It is so refreshing to see more powerful Christian movies being produced, seemingly if you will, by the very hand of God! Even the Disney/Pixar movies have questionable elements in them, which my husband and I have to overlook if we are ever going to comply with our teens' repeated requests for a "Family Date at the Movies." Glory glory glory! We've so enjoyed Fireproof, Facing the Giants, The Blind Side....we're always on the lookout for something we can watch without slapping God in the face. Go team go!