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January 8, 2010

Baseball, Shopping: Great Christian TV!

Sky Angel adds MLB and Home Shopping Network to its lineup.

Sky Angel, the self-billed "faith and family television" network, has recently added the Major League Baseball channel and the Home Shopping Network to its lineup.

Interesting additions for a TV channel whose official vision is "to provide a global communications platform as an instrument of unity to equip the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission."

Baseball, shopping, and the Great Commission? I'm just sayin'. What do you think?


Baseball is fine. Genesis 1:1 talks about creation occurring during a time of high scoring in the game, and John 1:1 further declares that in that same big inning the Word was present with God, and that the Word was God.

I'm just sayin'...

What if someone built a clean, family friendly platform that the marketplace desires? With Sports, Entertainment, News and Weather. What if it had great family friendly Video on Demand with movies, devotionals, and offered a platform for content producers from people other than the major studios that would never touch a Christian movie or series. What if this platform had The Weather Channel, Animal Planet, Hallmark, Hallmark Movie, CBS College Sports, the NFL etc... A clean platform without FX, Spike, MTV, USA, Nip Tuck, Girls Gone Wild, South Park Etc. What if you then added 24/7 music video channels that played Toby Mac, Mercy Me like Spirit TV and TVU. You are then introduced to the Gospel by an abudance of preaching, one that maybe spoke to you in particular because of the large selection you could not get anywhere else. Imagine if such a platform gained wide acceptance and it changed our culture one living room at a time, and one soul at a time. What about such a concept? Is there anything out there like that?