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January 7, 2010

Casting the Vision for New Jesus Movie

Actor Bruce Marchiano shares his passion for Jesus . . . No Greater Love

A few months ago, we blogged about how the filmmakers behind Jesus . . . No Greater Love were soliciting 4.5 million "producers" -- everyday folks pitching in $10 apiece -- to make the film a reality.

Actor Bruce Marchiano, the main impetus behind the film, made a recent pitch while on a trip to South Africa, stressing how the film won't be just for North American audiences, but for the whole world -- as an evangelistic too. Check it out:

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Will this be an attempt to replace or supplement the old 'Jesus Film' distributed by Campus Crusade?


That I understand it, this movie isn't really meant to supplement or replace the "Jesus Film". It was birthed out of a vision the Lord gave to Bruce Marchiano (of Marchiano Ministries www.brucemarchiano.com)back in 1996 to put the Gospel of John word for word on film to be used exclusively as a ministry tool to the nations. The beautiful part about this movie is not only that it's funded by believers for believers, but also that it will be made in such a way to truly speak to all generations young and old and even future generations. Check it out at www.newjesusmovie.com!

What's wrong with the old one?

This movie is definitely not to replace to Campus Crusade's Jesus film; it is, as dragonfly said, born out of obedience to the Lord in Bruce Marchiano's life, i.e. to make a film of the Gospel of John, word for word. My understanding is that the Campus Crusade Jesus film is a portion of the Gospel of Luke.
However, most importantly, the production of the film is for the purpose of winning souls to Christ, first and foremost, and by doing it as a not-for-profit enterprise, it will make it easily accessible to people all around the world. There is more info on the movie website, and in the newsletters, facebook, and other media that Marchiano Ministries puts out. Please read up on it and/or contact Bruce with your questions!!

Bruce, I am doing my best to raise money for your new film, "Jesus No Greater Love"

I have 1 church that will raise money next spring and I am going to many other churches to raise even more money for the film and I ab building websites and banners that have links to all your pages including this one and hopefully I will submit all the new wesbsites to direct people to your donations pages. Once I am done with the Banner, I will send it to you so you can place it on other websites to advertise for donations as well.

God Bless you man!

Matt Mattero Ministries