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January 29, 2010

CT at the LOST Premiere in Hawaii!

Chris Seay, author of The Gospel According to Lost, is videoblogging for us from the island


Lost fans and media have landed in Hawaii for Saturday's final season premiere, live at Sunset on the Beach in Waikiki.


Chris Seay, author of The Gospel According to Lost, is on the island, taking part in the festivities, and will hopefully be interviewing some of the cast members. Chris is doing regular videoblogs exclusive for CT through the weekend and throughout this sixth and final season of the popular show. Here's his first installment:

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Cool. I wish *I* was in Hawaii! Looking forward to the things he has to say from the big premiere event. This is my favorite show!

Looking forward to all that you have to share, Chris. My huband, son and his girlfriend, are all BIG fans of LOST! Just finished a marathon of Season Five so we'd be "back in the know" (or as much as one can be with LOST) before Season Six (sigh, the final season) begins on Tuesday.

And hey, when you get back to Houston, we'll host an evening of watching at our place, if you're interested!!