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January 5, 2010

Denzel's Scripture Memory Program

First, recite the 23rd Psalm by heart. Then chop off somebody's hand. Hey, it's The Book of Eli!

There's yet another post-apocalyptic film on the horizon, which should be reason enough for skepticism: Haven't there been enough already? But The Book of Eli , releasing Jan. 15, looks pretty interesting, if for no other reason than its central character: The Bible.

Denzel Washington plays a man named Eli who has allegedly been instructed by God to deliver the Bible -- apparently the last one on earth -- to some unknown recipient "out West."

Our friend Phil Cooke recently had Washington in his studio to film a promo for the movie (see below). In it, Washington says that his character "hears voices from God" to take the Bible "across the country, and to deliver it, out West. In following his mission he's been given by God, he becomes more and more violent in order to get the job done."

Washington, a Christian, says the film is "a story about faith. . . . We're all a work in progress. I think we're all on a journey on this earth to be better human beings and to hopefully follow the Word of God."

Check it out:

"The Book Of Eli" Movie Promo from Cooke Pictures on Vimeo.

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Denzel has been in some pretty dreadful movies lately. This looks like another opportunity for him to play the macho, BA guy in a film full of quick edits, explosions, and crazy fights. Hopefully I'm wrong and he plays an actual character in a film with a cohesive plot, but history - and the trailer - don't seem too encouraging.

How do we reach the unsaved? By going where they go. It's a battle folks. Thanks to all who were involved in this effort. My grown children and grandchildren will see this movie but I can't get them back into church. He makes serious mistakes, so do they. They relate. Kudos

Awesome looking movie... i can't wait. thanks for working on developing out of the box ways to reach people who are looking for spiritual reality.

The promo for the "Book of Eli" looks and sounds good to me. Of course, one cannot tell much about a movie by a two and a half minute promo, but then there's Denzil. Give him the flimsiest of scripts, the most innocuous story-line and he will make something beautiful of it.

Then again, how many of us can name a film in which someone quotes more than half of a chapter of bible text! "Eli" ought to get some credit for that alone.

I will wait for the reviews, but as an unashamed Denzil fan I am already leaning towards "Eli".

This film is "Rated R for some brutal violence and language", is this really the best way to reach people and talk about faith and the scriptures???

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Denzel played a role that you wouldn't normally expect from him.