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January 18, 2010

The Hangover??? An Award Winner? Seriously?

Golden Globe Awards yield more than a few head scratchers.

They say the Golden Globe Awards are often a precursor or predictor of what might happen at the Oscars. If Sunday night's ceremony is indeed the shape of things to come, yikes.

Even though the night mostly belonged to Avatar, it was the choice of The Hangover as Best Musical or Comedy Film that was the biggest head-scratcher, beating out other--and much better--nominees as (500) Days of Summer, It's Complicated, Julie & Julia, and Nine.

E! called it a night of "upsets galore." And as host, Ricky Gervais could not have been more out of line with his crude jokes, leading off the show -- while the kids are still watching -- with jokes about his penis and masturbation. Ha ha, Ricky. Save it for the locker room.

But the night belonged to Avatar (Best Drama and Best Director), Meryl Streep (Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical for Julie & Julia), Sandra Bullock (Best Actress in a Drama for The Blind Side), and Disney/Pixar's Up, which won two awards -- Best Animated Feature and Best Score.

Here's a complete list of winners.


The only award I give the Hangover is "Movie My Wife and I Most Regret Not Leaving in the Vain Hope That Something Worth Watching Would Appear."

What an awful movie.

What left my head scratching was Avatar winning best drama. Really? A movie with okay acting and a highly unoriginal story. Shows how much style wins over substance.