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January 9, 2010

Who Killed The Golden Compass Sequels?

Co-star Sam Elliott blames it on the Catholic church; author Pullman is miffed

Several British newspapers ran a series of stories over the holidays about the demise of The Golden Compass movie trilogy. The first film hit theaters in 2007 amid protests from Christians, especially Catholics, claiming the stories and movies were a slam against the church and an invitation to children to turn to atheism.

When asked what happened to the film trilogy, Sam Elliot, one of the actors in the first movie, told London's Evening Standard, "The Catholic Church happened to The Golden Compass, as far as I'm concerned. It did 'incredible' at the box office, taking $380 million [worldwide]. Incredible. The Catholic Church ... lambasted them, and I think it scared New Line off." (New Line Cinema was the studio behind the film.)

Bill Donohue of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights took some of the credit for shutting down the franchise, citing his call for a boycott of the first film: "I am delighted the boycott worked," he told the Evening Standard.

In response to Donohue's comments, Golden Compass author Phillip Pullman, an atheist, told Wales Online, "It’s disgusting, but only the sort of behaviour I expect of these people."

Pullman went on to tell the publication about his new novel, coming out this spring -- The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ, in which he denies Jesus was the son of God. He also recently finished writing his own version of the New Testament in which he imagined Jesus being given a fair trial and walking free instead of crucified.

Finally, London's Guardian isn't so sure the Catholics are to blame for the demise of The Golden Compass. Their film blog recently concluded, "Maybe The Golden Compass wasn't given any sequels because it didn't deserve any. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a score of 42%, ranking it alongside such masterpieces as Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, with reviewers calling it "bland," "patchy," and "a crushing disappointment." . . . It's a little sad that Elliot has to blame a shadowy religious conspiracy for [its] failure, especially since he was just about the film's sole redeeming feature, but the truth is that not many of us could bear to sit through any more sequels if there was any chance they would be as ropey as the first film. Nice try, though."

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"The first film hit theaters in 2007 amid protests from Christians, especially Catholics, claiming the stories and movies were a slam against the church and an invitation to children to turn to atheism."

In a world of out-of-control religious insanity and stupidity, it would be a good thing if young people threw out the woo-woo they were brainwashed to believe in.


I can't believe that they shut down this franchise, when they give the green light to sequels such as harry potter, which in my opinion have more macabre and occult content. I believe that our free will to read and interpret whatever we like to read should be kept untouched, and that everything should be available, it is our responsibility as parents and teachers to “guide”, not to censor the stuff that the world has available for our children, so I guess the church thinks the world is full of irresponsible parents that wouldn’t counsel their children as to what path to follow.

I agree with the Guardian that the first film was not that good and did not warrant any sequels. After seeing the film, I was not left in suspense and in fact barely remember what the movie was about. It was very convoluted and didn't explain its world and ideas very clearly (unlike Harry Potter, in which the movies and books leave you knowing everything about their world and culture). If there were any atheist references, they were so subtle and cloaked in metaphor that they would go over the heads of most children and adults.

It is flawed reasoning to say that the movie wasn't made into sequels because the critics panned it or the Catholics went after it. One thing determines whether a movie is worthy of a sequel--its profitability.

Even if Sam Elliot is right that the movie grossed $380 million worldwide, it by some estimates cost $250 million to make. That would give it a profitability index of only 1.52. That's a lousy return on investment in a field where the top movies have profitability indexes of 3 or 4 ("Ice Age" or "DaVinci Code," for example). The studio has decided instead to throw its next quarter of a billion dollars at a project with a higher possible return on the dollar.

Certainly, both critics and the Catholic church, in the exercise of free speech, may have impacted whether people went to see the movie, thereby reducing the total gross. But those kind of things are difficult to measure without a major sociological study of some sort. And it's not as if the church or the critics nailed people's shoes to the floor to keep them from going to see "The Golden Compass." Ultimately, the studio's potential customers freely chose not to give the studio their money. The studio is a business, first and foremost, and has chosen to respond as a business will always respond, with profitability in mind.

Chuck is right on. It's all about the bottom line. The first film tanked, so New Line is smart enough to move on. The same thing almost happened to Walden Media after the last Narnia movie, but they were fortunate that Fox still thinks it has potential. If anyone thought that about the Golden Compass series, the next movie would be made. No one wants to do it because they are business-oriented, not because they are Catholic. Elliot doesn't want to admit he was in a dud, and Pullman is just a miserable, God-hating person who bashes the Church every chance he can.

I saw the movie without knowing its background or the author and I just thought it was weird. A previous comment was that it did a very poor job on creating it's world - which is right on. It was hard to care for the protagonist in spite of her being a child because she was arrogant. Even with sequels coming, a movie should be self contained and provide the viewer with a satisfying ending with the desire to see more. This movie didn't do that. I felt annoyed at the end.

I agree - it's the studio bottom line.

SF/Fantasy books rarely translate into decent movies - unless they are simple westerns in space.

to be honest, the cartoon Happy Feet was far more atheist subversive than Golden Compass.

I wouldn't say the Catholics sank the trilogy, that's giving them far too much power and credit.

Blame the accountants.

Another thing that sinks a lot of these fantasies is Hollywood big budget fever. "Prince Caspian" and "The Golden Compass" are the same in that the expense of the productions reduced any profits. A producer who only worked on low-cost productions could still make marvelous and Godly movies. We haven't scraped the surface of Christian literary imagination.

This is a little off topic but what books and stories are you referring to Elizabeth? I'm a young Christian filmmaker and would love to know what I should be reading or studying in the field of Christian literature.

The biggest problem was that New Line sold the overseas rights to cover the production budget of the film, i.e. they panicked. The film cost $180m to make. So when it did really well internationally...no more money for New Line! Little wonder New Line got merged with Warner Bros. (http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2008/feb/29/useconomy)
The film finally grossed $372m internationally - but New Line didn't see about 75% of that. DOH!

The film was highly received by many critics who gave it a fair shake on the substance of the film- like Roger Ebert giving it his highest rating- as just one example.

I was surprised actually that the catholic church pedophile enablers who allowed thousands of priests to sexually abuse countless thousands of boys while ignoring/transfer/covering (take your pick) for the priests all those decades- would protest anything on the grounds of morality or even religion? LMFAO

The Catholic Church has enough shame with Pope Pius XII being pro-Hitler when Germany was winning the war, even throughout the war, not only did Catholic priests pay homage to Hitler and contribute to the anti-Semitic feelings, several priests also protected Nazis from criminal charges. ONE EXAMPLE OF HUNDREDS-, Nazi sympathizers such as Bishop Alois Hudal helped Nazi criminals escape to South America by assisting them with false papers and hiding places in Rome.

And the Catholic Church and religious scholars protest a movie? LMFAO!!!!!!!

Catholic's or not? Profit margin? Well Avatar has made huge but it's margin is low because among the reports of how much it cost to make vary's by a 100 million in one direction or the other. One has us believe that if it grossed 400 million which it has now.....it cost nearly 300 million others say only 200 million or 250 million to make. Wish they could make up their minds. Foot Locker didnt' do well at box office and was cheap to make...won the Oscar. Oh well....380 box office pull on The Golden Compass has to have had some weight. Yes many complainers didn't like it some who can't follow a story line on their own missed it. But for so many of us the whole production was damn good. Sequels could be done better if that's an issue. I liked the acting and I liked the directing and I enjoyed the film and it stayed true to the book fairly well. Kudo's but only if they do the sequels. But what can one expect from movie makers these days? They aren't the smartest bunch really. Catholic bullies? Really what power do they have...they are so on the run these days and so in trouble as masses leave their church and no longer pay to keep them in power....pity the movie makers.....pity us who are the real losers. Perhaps some other film makers will seize the oportunity to make these. Can the author re-sell the movie rights or get those who own them to sell them then? Next time I hope he puts in a clause if they don't make the sequels there well be penalties to pay. Authors are you listening? Maybe if sequels aren't made in a timely fashion they lose and the next highest bidder steps in and owns the first and the sequels and all that made the first too....wouldn't that be handy.

The Golden Compass was a testament to humanity; Christianity, atheism and science aside. To not have a trilogy is a shame. Strangely enough, there is more a sense of 'spirituality' in the relationship of human-demon and dust - that inexplicable force that makes us a part of a greater whole - call it God, call it a 'great architect' or quantum theory. To keep the sequels from being done, is a great loss to the imagination and education of our children and ourselves. There is no reason to be afraid of the ideas it is conveying...they are enlightening and ring true in an all-en"compass"ing way.

I just watched The Golden Compass and I guess I missed something cause I did not see any problem with the movie in regardes to religion. I am a Christian and enjoy the movie for the fantasy and entertainment aspects of the movie. My 13 year old daughter made a valid point that alot of people including myself did not read the book prior to seeing the movie so I did not go see it at the theaters and rented it when it came out instead. The sequels tend to make more money because more people have now seen the first one and are anxious to find out where the story will take them now. The authors beliefs should not have anything to do with the movies just because he happens to be atheist does not mean the movies reflect that. People are losing faith in the Catholic Church because of all the sex scandels that they do nothing about. A priest molest a child and they give him a slap on the wrist but yet they want to ban a movie which is none of thier buisness. They need to take care of thier own problems before they decide to get involved in something that really is none of their buisness. It will be a shame if the sequels are not made. They are only fantasy and not reality. They didn't stop production on The DiVinci Code or the sequel Angels & Demons which questions everything we have been tought about the bible. Please, stand up the the Catholic Church and make the sequels to this wonderful family film that gives flight to the imaginations of our children and to the future generations that will come to love this movie as much as my family and I do.

To the Poster who bashed the Catholic Church as Pedophile Enablers and blasted Pius the 12th for being s Hitler Supporter, please do more than push anti-Catholic hatemongering. There are more Pedophile School Teachers than priests but we don't see the whole profession attacked. As to Pius the 12th, he was the first, and for a long time only, voice in Opposition to Hitler in he 1930's. He was never Pro-Hitler. That was just a slur made up some ten years after the war ended and bought into by a Highly Anti-Catholic culture.

By the way, I am not a Catholic. I just get tired of the Lambast.

That said, the Movie did not do as well Internationally as they claim. It did better Internationally than it did int he US, but it wasn't the massive success they'd envisioned. They simply used its higher numbers across the Oceans to bolster the chances of a Sequel and hoped for redeeming the Films massive Losses.

The movie was as confusing and jumpy as the book, only worse as they let some parts out needed to even understand its context.

The Book has all the usual contradictions Militant Atheism has, from talking about God as a great evil Tyrant endlessly even while saying God doesn't exist, to attacking the notion of sin and claiming it doesn't exist whilst still attacking behaviours you find morally objectionable. I mean, all Sin is is performing a morally objectionable act, and Atheists these days find loads to complain about. DO you really think criticism of the mere word "Sin' negates the point?

I mean, its not like "His Dark Materials" are actually promoting Atheism so much as they are Attacking Christianity, and trying to Convince the Audience of Atheism by Default. ( By Atheism they really mean the ideals of the Enlightenment and Humanism, not just a lack of belief in God)

It's like visiting the WND Bookstore and buying a Novel tat tries to depict a Conflict between Christian Civilisaiton and Islam. You know form the outset that Islam won't be treated fairly and will be depicted as nothing short of evil. Same Principle applies here. All Christianity is evil and Christians are either stupid dupes enslaved to the church pr evil overlords in it for power and control, while the Atheists are noble, intelligent, and stand for reason and free will. ( Or are suppose to be...)

Its as Preachy as "Left Behind" ever was. Both are and were successful simply based on the idea behind the premise of the story, not becuase of the story itself. ( Neither were actually well written, and I say this despite Pullman winning awards. Heck some admitted he won because of the message, not his Talent. The books wee Mediocre.)

If the books had been written simply and just conveyed an Atheistic perspective, there would be far fewer narrative problems, but because Pullman wanted to attack Christianity he had to add it in and depict it in such a way as to make it evil. And this is why the New Atheist movement really bothers me. It snot like they are really promoting anything, they exist solely to attack Christianity. If Christianity disappears, so do their purpose.

An example is, after God and the Church are both destroyed din HDM, can the story really continue?

This is really just a slander piece, like a Tabloid, that exists as a Parasite on something else.

I do like some Atheist works by the way. A Similar theme to this was written by Harlan Ellison, in which God was an Alein and not really the Creator, but came off as Genuine thought experiment, not some hateful Bile.

I'm OK with 2001 ( Though I found the Novel and movie Boring) and loved Star Trek, which both present an essentially Atheistic Take on our world.

But come on!

This movie was bleak, dark, and disjointed, made no sence whatsoever, and the Charectersd were simply not very likable. The Atheists are suppose to represent a Free Spirit and Free thought, but come off as Snide, arrogant, and self Serving. They really arne't any different from the Magestariums villains. The only reason to like them more or hope they win is because you happen to be following them. Its like rooting for the Home Team even if you don't know who the players are. If the books were reversed and Followed the Magestarium and Mrs. Coulter instead, by golly it'd be no different. We'd just be expected to hate Lura and Lord Azrael.

This is what passes for high art and entertainment? Heaven help us all!

This isn't Dante folks.

( By the way I am DYSLEXIC, I know I misspelled some words.)

I agree that the books are disjointed, confusing (at times) and written in a questionable style.

I see both sides of the religion argument.

I still would REALLY like to see the rest of the books finished into movies. It's just not right to start something and not finish the job.

AUTHORS TAKE NOTE: I totally agree with the person who said it should be written into your contract that if the movie company doesn't produce the number of films required that you should be able to take the first movie and pursue another viable alternative to get the remaining movies made.

I must say in defense of the Catholics (I am not-- but I have a friend who is devout and we both discussed 'Golden Compass' and the so-called politics behind it)

It was MONEY that killed the sequel (Or so it's presumed) Consider that here in the US, when a new movie opens, we are pressed to 'Go See' the latest attraction. . .NOT because of any purported storyline or critical review. No. . .we are pressed to go see a Movie PURELY because it has made 'X' millions of dollars at the Box Office. It's gotten to the point that whatever critical souls the reviewers ever had had withered to nothing because they ONLY tell us how much Money a Movie has made in its first night-- as if THAT were the true cinematic acclaim. The 'Golden Compass' didn't make enough dough and the Producers are using the Church & Religion as a Fig Leaf for their own artistic cowardice.

I mean, really. . .if religion truly had the pervasively censorious power people say: Harry Potter would have stopped at Movie # 1. And we know how far THAT franchise has gone. I mean, Please! The Star has a Magical MARK on his Forehead! And there's enough therein sufficient to send any Midwestern Fundamentalist into a terminal fit of apoplexy. And they ARE protesting. But Potter makes Too Much MONEY. End of discussion.

Still, I am sad. I really would have like a Sequel to the Compass, just for the visual panorama. I found the movie esthetically spellbinding.

Religion, particularly the Catholic church KILLS anything that stands in it's way. It's been that way since the beginning of the church. How else could it have become the biggest business in the world with the largest land holdings ever by anyone? Did everyone know that every war in the history of human beings was started because of religion?

The Catholic church KILLED The Golden Compass, period. There's no trying to talk around it saying it wasn't a GREAT movie, because it was & the box office standings prove that beyond ANY doubt.

How many people have come to their senses over the last 25-years & realized that ALL religion is just mythology? Back when all these big religions started people didn't understand how most things in the world worked. What we don't understnd- WE ARE AFRAID OF! So we invented god to quench our fears. Then we invented bibles to explain everything- except EVERY bible in EVERY religion has MANY, MANY things wrong about the world that have been proven wrong without any doubt. In fact, most religions admit that many things in their bible are WRONG! How can that be since god wrote the bible???

I'm not someone who speaks from only one side of the story. I was brought up 100% Catholic until I was 14-years old. At that age I started questioning my priest & nuns about the world and they did not have any decent answers for any of my questions that made ANY sense. So I turned to science and science properly answered ALL my questions. Then I found Carl Sagan on TV late one night on Cosmos and my life was changed forever. I entered the medical field thanks to science and saved many lives in my career.
Unfortunately, most of the people who still believe only in religion do not have the intellect to question otherwise.
As an adult I read the bible cover to cover TWICE & found even more things that are blatently INCORRECT. If the bible was written by man through the influence of god, then how could ANYTHING possibly be wrong??? Please don't try your lame excuses for why these things were written that way - WRONG IS WRONG, PERIOD!
The bible states that the world is FLAT, and that the earth is the center of our solar system: WRONG & WRONG! It also states that we must wear clothing made of only ONE material: there's no polyester/cotton mix clothing on Catholics, right? WRONG! And all your priests are direct descendants of Leviticus, right? WRONG! BTW- Where are dinosaurs explained in the bible? THEY ARE NOT AT ALL BECAUSE IF THEY WERE- THE BIBLE WOULD HAVE TO EXPLAIN HOW DINOSAURS LIVED MILLIONS OF YEARS BEFORE MAN! Please don't try & quote the stupid monster type statements from the bible. That's just more BS to scare followers into believing MORE. It has NOTHING to do with the truth about dinosaurs & the fact that the earth is BILLIONS of years old not thousands as quoted in the bible.
So how about getting an intellect from the Catholic church to write a 100% CORRECT bible? Oh, that's right - they are too busy chasing young boys... never mind.

The answer is?

Austin Powers both sequels grossed less then this pic. There are several other movies that had sequels that did not come close to what this picture grossed (HULK one example).

The filming of this movie was absolutely breath taking. The use of of energy in different ways and configuration of airships that are magnificent and elegant were dynamic and thought provoking. This movie was a work of art just as a painting can be loved or hated.

So why would a studio that might have goofed on their handling of worldwide distribution not make a sequel?

For the same reason as above: they are not thinking.

In the 70s a cartoon of the "Fellowship of the Ring " was released and I could not wait until the sequels followed. 30 years later Peter Jackson picked up the mantle and filmed the greatest movie trilogy of all time (except Star Wars).

We can only hope that something like this happens when all the religious politics dies down and our world is returned to a thoughtful and tolerant place once again.

This movie was amazing and my husband & I loved every moment, and still enjoy watching it on dvd. It is such a shame no sequel has been filmed. Tsk tsk to all those who played into the hands of the Catholic Church in relation to this.

I know few of the people who posted on this article will even read this, but many of you are missing the point. "Doctor" Robert DRECKard, thousands of children have not been abused by thousands of priests. You must be a very poor doctor of any kind if you don't even know how to do simple research. You must buy into a lot of propaganda. I work for a university, and the only profs who constantly like to remind other people that they are a doctor are the ones who shouldn't have that title. Zar, on the other hand, is absolutely right.
Furthermore, people, stop comparing Harry Potter to the His Dark Materials Trilogy. Harry Potter *condemns* the occult, for one, but more importantly it stresses the kinds of qualities children should appreciate in friends and themselves. The Catholic Church doesn't condemn anything due to its fantasy element. The Lord of the Rings, for example, is highly appreciated amongst many Catholic theologians. I saw The Golden Compass movie and I enjoyed it. However, I don't think I would want my children to see the movie for one simple reason: that they would like it enough to want to read the books, which ARE disturbing in content. Sexual encounters between preteens and a theme in which nearly all adults are out to harm children, except for those who live on the fringes of society? Sounds like teen to college material to me (except for pre-teen sex, which is gross) on a much simpler reading level. And, I don't want to give Philip Pullman any of my money (when I saw the film, it was $5 night at the theater). He's never written anything else of any value; he's whiny, and he complains that people don't respect his opinions, but he called the people who criticized his books morons. How is that being respectful of opinions?! For the record, I only disrespect Dr. Dreckard's opinions, because I am pretty sure he is really Philip Pullman.
Don't get me wrong, the movie's ending was terrible. But most of it was a good concept and exciting. I wish someone with a better mind than Philip Pullman had thought of it--or that it wasn't aimed at children. It's a great plot.

I thought this movie was incredible. I saw it prior to reading the books and although I can understand where Leah is coming from, the fact is that hardly a pre-teen/early teen in their right mind would be able to get through the first chapter let alone read the series. In regards to the Church..well why don't we all gather round and have a book burning!..what is this world coming too? Idiocracy at its finest.

I have to say that being in the entertainment field myself, I have to agree that in the end it is about the bottom line. Too much money went into the production of this movie without yielding a large enough profit margin. This has happened many times in the past but it's more noticeable now because this was meant to be a trilogy and it left some viewers waiting. I realize this is a fantasy film, personally one of my favorite genres and inevitably people get very caught up in fantasy films, in some extremes going to conventions, so it's not a surprise that fans are so passionate. The church, specifically the Vatican is seen as a rule enforcer. It's only natural to try to buck the system and challenge authority, that's nothing new. Keep in mind there is a ying and yang to everything in an attempt for balance. Those of you fighting religion in your posts are fighting as hard as they are...what makes you different? Everyone is stating their beliefs here. People are using this as a forum to vent about having beliefs forced on them but in the end it is just a movie meant for enjoyment and entertainment. Harry Potter was rebelled very highly against by the church and is still popular. It is about the bottom line here people.

Ok, how ridiculous is it that leaders of churches, not just Catholics, arranged for the boycotting of this movie? And in case some of you want to call that Catholic bashing, I read the interview one of the catholic leaders gave and how he was "proud that he had succeeded in the boycott". In my opinion, movies are just that: movies, fiction that might have similarities to the real world, but in truth are the imaginings of writers. I don't see people boycotting movies like "Saw" or any other slasher, horror movies that come out every day. It was nice to find a movie that featured something different from what we see on TV all the time. It makes me sad and frustrated that people can't see that we need a place to escape from the trials of everyday life. I enjoy fantasy movies because they are just that. I get to visit new worlds and entertain different thoughts, but when I leave the theater, I don't find myself changed from what I have watched. After watching this movie and reading the series, I don't suddenly want to be an atheist, forsake God and all I have been taught. I was raised in the Christian church and having done that, I know that there has to be more to life that pure religion. I read the Bible and I worship with God, but I also enjoy reading books and watching movies that might not seem to be the most holy. I hope that New Line changes their minds and makes the rest of the trilogy.

I thought the movie version of The Golden Compass was FANTASTIC! We have watched the movie over and over again -- if any film makers are reading this -- PLEASE MAKE THE SEQUEL!!!

If the The Golden Compass is so bad as they say the why has it been on tv so much in the past year. the studos are geting enough play time and money for playing it. I think we all need to stand up and tell the studos that we want the rest of them

I thought the movie was really good. I own it. You have to watch it a few times to appreciate its message. Please do a sequel.

I loved the first movie! So what if he "bashes on the church every chance he gets." The churches bash on people who do things as silly as get a divorce. I was extreamly disapointed to find out that there wasnt going to be a sequel. The movie was fantastic for me and my daughters. After we watched it they didnt ask me if churches were bad they talked about how cool it would be if an animal was their best friend and followed them everywhere, the symbolism went right over thier heads. These movies are amazing and they should finish the trilogy.

I LOVED this movie and I'm Cathloic. I don't get it. I really think people should be able to draw a very bold line between fantasy and reality.

This was a great movie, and I was hoping that there would be sequels.

Sometimes religions go too far and to supress ANY form of speach IMHO is an outrage.

If the church had nothing to do with the "golden Compass" franchise, then explain the "lion... Wardrobe" series. If ever there was big screen stinker it was that and it lead to an equally smelly sequel with an equally overt Christian symbology.


"SF/Fantasy books rarely translate into decent movies" What? A little dose of reality wouldn't hurt here. The movie was very good and I would like to see the rest of it. I liked it more than some of the Potter films and think it's as good as Narnia. It's possible that accountants or the church are blocking the way but I'd sure like to see the rest of the story.

The movie "The Golden Compass" was about the right of everyone to use their free will. This is a God give right. You know, the person religion is suppose to be about. I agree that Harry Potter is more harmful to our young children than the Golden Compass. That is why responsible parents will keep their young children away from both these francises. I liked both movies and now want to read only the Golden Compass since there won't be another movie. This unfair treatment of this movie is just like the economical climate of our countries. Those that have are keeping those that have not from getting what they have. In this case, the movie market. I think there are a lot of reasons why this movie was not made. But none of them good enough to keep someone from expressing their free will.

Thia ia why there is seperation between church and state. It isn't up to the church to decide whats good for our children and whats not. Considder the situation that the catholic church can't keep there Preists in check when it comes to molesting children, so I guess thats okay long as it doesn't corupt the mind of a child and keep them away from the church. This story is about freedom of choice, not about book burning that went out centuries ago. The last time I saw remarks like this was long ago and it was on a caption I could not read because it was in German. So before the churches decide whats best for the children, maybe the church should see whats best for the church and keep there molesters out of the equasion. For anyone who didn't get the movie theGolden Compess, iuse your imagination and if you think Harry Potter was a cult against the church, please explain to me why the celebrate Christmas and Halloween.

There was nothing wrong with any of the Harry Potter movies which depicted against good and evil. These kinds of things happen every day. Look at whats been going on in the middle east. What sort of examples are we setting for our childten and the young people in the middle east when they are fighting for it and we are losing ours. Our first amendment right is being taken away. I think both the Golden Compass and Harry Potter movies showed imagintion and creativity in which showed freedom of expression. Interpate what want in any of these movies, what I see is a wonderful mind at work.

I am Catholic, born and raised, and watched Golden Compass. I thought it was a terrific movie and don't understand why there are no sequels being done. If you don't want your children to watch the movie(s), don't take them; you don't have the right to keep other people from seeing what they want to see. IT'S A FANTASY FOR GOD'S SAKE! The Catholic church lost any credibility when they started moving pedophiles from church to church so they could destroy other children's lives. I have a personal relationship with God and don't need ANY church to tell me the difference between right and wrong, God is the only judge and it seems the Catholic church has decided that they are now more believable than God's laws. Clean up your own house before you tell others how to live.

I was first disgusted by the fact that The Golden Compass did not include more anti-dogma content. That is what these books are about: questioning authority and discovering logic at a young age. I am sad that there will not be any sequels in the near future but I am grateful that if there are to be more movies that they most likely will not be done by the New Line morons.

The movie was excellent. I was looking forward to a sequel. Almost all movies have a hidden meaning if you look for it. Why aren't other movies badgered into not being filmed? The Disney movies are not nearly as innocent as they seem, nor is Harry Potter. And yet, Harry Potter continues to have sequels filmed and Disney continues to be filmed. Some of their hidden meanings are much worse than those in the "Golden Compass." So, why are we allowing ourselves to be bullied by the Catholic Church? Perhaps we should provide them with some anti-bullying literature? Just my thoughts....

Those of you who saw Golden Compass, and regarded it as patchy, are right. However, you are missing why it was so. According to the director, the studio cut around 30 minutes of the film and suggested that it was partly due to pressure from "the right." I hope to see a sequel that isn't butchered, but if you want to protect your children from anti-Catholic ideas (or logic, depending on your perspective), then don't bring them.

The main theme of the film was cutting children off from their sense of wonder and exploration, curiosity, as a means to state domination of the population and the permanent death of freedom. The books are not the issue in this discussion; whether they gradually draw a reader to greater sympathy for atheism is a matter for literary critics and culture warriors. The Catholic Church in this instance was an agent of the tyrannical state in attacking the film, regardless whether it was looking out for its own interest in protecting the possibility filmgoers would be drawn to the books. But, since we are becoming less and less a literate culture, that is a dim possibility, and the benefit of cancelling the sequels goes mainly to the encroaching state.

the blue spirit is a fearsome one - a lover of freedom and creativity, pure sentiment (or the sappy truth) and beautiful movies the Golden Compass - I think the members of Catholic Church (which acted much like the magesterium) was just mad because they read the book and saw in it what their hearts would not let them see - that their church was and has been dead since the death of the prophets. A dead thing since it has no real doctrine from a living person who professes to know what god commands - that in the past has had induviduals (by it's ungodly organization) kill people for no good reason and for their agency and persecuted those who have their own feelings for not being the same!! and such has created hatred in the hearts of many like probably this AUTHOR!! SOrt of like the bronte sisters ( well - in emily anyway - I'll get to charlotte) and the writer of the golden compass. it had a captivating adventure theme - good music and beautiful scenery - artisty is made up from that - and that artistry (combined with tone - a pure tone that made the movie exciting and made even me - at my young age - enthralled to the idea of looking for Truth and denying anything that is not ot that form. Not to believe just cause' somone I else did - or to do because someone else says - but because it TO ME - is the TRUTH!! oh! I loved it - so sad they were afraid of it and shut it down - what cowardice! and such hypocrisy on behalf of all involved - back to the bronte sisters - I feel that Emily saw from her own personal experience ( and from world history too) but more importantly saw how injustice and swaving over truth for a lie was valued in her society - how religions that were dead in spirit or in principle would be used as an excuse for cruelty or injustice in her life (like Jane Eyre saw) and was angry in her writing - but on a side note the other bronte sistere Charlotte did / pulled (what like to call) a "helen burns" - she recieved the whip knowing that there was nothing to be done (AT THAT TIME and in such a day and age of poverty and ignorance) so she submitted to the smiters outwardly - but in her heart had "a secret treasure" a knowledge of truth that noone could ever take away from her - it intrigued such pessimistic characters as Mr. Rochester even. WE have so much today in terms of knowledge - At least in most countries and even poorer (third world) areas - we have excessive wealth and knowledge readily at our fingers - accessible internet for crying out loud with answers everywhere and books! and - we have extreme luxuries and convienences and excessive ways to obtain opportunity and dreams and FOOOD! but we are so feeding into pessimism! it is destroying us as a people as a world!! But anyway - here's the truth (however this time it's not sappy) THIS MOVIE SHOULD HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL. ha! especially since - as most posted comments intimated - it would go over the top of anyone not looking for insincerity and truth or just plain fantastic fantasy and adventure. It was good and I found it's tone (which - to my way of thinking is what makes a movie for a kid - that and the lovely artistry combined with redeeming qualities like TRUTH and courage - so little valued today..) was the reason kid's would have liked and loved this movie - and it would have been bigger than Harry Potter - maybe even stolen the thunder of Harry Potter which as most people agree (for one reason or another) was horribly dark - not the books ONCE AGAIN - they were wonderful and full clever witty dialogue, suspense and intruige and an overal good TONE AND PURPOSE. it was more about relationships than anthing else - but the movie didn't even try - they got 3 directors - in succession- each idiots who (one of which anyway) had not even read the book! They in turn destroyed the story - and the book's reputation (THE STORY BEING THE PURE THING!!) and each one couldn't get it right!! they didn't know and LOVE the story - or get absorbed in the characters - like a KID DOES when we all read it - we who like the book/ story - it was with the characters - you could tell that john williams really read the book and appreciated it's qualities which he expresses so well in the movie - it's just - that .... well those qualities weren't MILKED for all their worth! they should have USED the music he created oh it was so wasted! so now everytime I hear it I am so sad....!!

I loved the movie. The visuals and the world created were fantastic, I thought. It was adventurous, suspenseful, and had great fighting scenes. Despite the content of the books, the film merely presented the idea that it is healthy that we should be allowed to question things. It's more about freedom and preserving our humanity (engineered to explore) while outside forces try to make slaves of us (thus, truly killing our naturally inquisitive spirits). Despite religion (Atheist, Christian, Catholic or otherwise) we reserved the right to think and believe what we like. I also agree with the above comment about Happy Feet being a more subversive film than this quality series I wish they would resume. It truly does fair better than what has been adapted and made available to the movie going public in recent years.

Yes the movie wasn't great, but it did make money. Now, let's look at some other movie series that are not to good, like the twilight saga. Those movies are pretty bad, theatrically speaking, but they have made money. So what's the problem with a sequel?

Personally, there's more to this problem. If you want to make a good film that is better to watch, get the director of "pan's labyrinth" or peter jackson to direct the film and I will guarantee that it will be a good movie.

This is an easy solution that, I am certain, the top hollywood brass has thought of. So the question is, yet again, what's the problem?

Who knows?

I'm fairly certain the Catholic Church had a rather large part in The Golden Compass's failure. Keep in mind that as long as critics are tied in any way to Catholic Church, the Church can have a little influence over the review process.

The difference between Narnia and The Golden Compass would be that Narnia was Christian literature. While both might not have done well with its first debut, Fox, which happens to have some Christian influence, picked it up. Now I'm not saying it's all the Christians' fault; The Golden Compass didn't exactly live up to its expectations and was pitched at all the wrong audiences, but you have to give the Church a little more credit for derailing this series.

I did not see atheists boycotting Narnia. But I see Christians boycotting The Golden Compass. I'm sorely disappointed.

P.S. Harry Potter was more successful because of its larger fan-base and did not antagonize a Church. The Golden Compass did, and that's what riled up the Catholics.

I also want to add that a Narnia'd film is somewhat difficult to watch (meaning what should have been PG-13 has been horribly toned down to PG). I really did enjoy the books and would love to see the entire series get made in the future. One day, when religious people would stop taking things so seriously we could all start again with another Golden Compass (even now, the actress is too old for any sequels), and this time, much grittier and realistic as the books were.

I thought the Magasterium was based on the Chinese goverment or other communist goverment...


Although I feel that if Christians had anything with stopping the sequels, that they shouldn't have becaus if you didn't want your kids watching them then you simply shouldn't have let them. Some people, such as I, (I'm 13 although don't discount my view for that) would have loved to see the sequels, and now I have learned that there are sequels I am looking for the books.

(BTW I believe there is a God although I do not belong to any faith.)


I say make the sequels and let the people decite what to watch. This is still Amerika, right? Land of the free.
Just remember what's reality and what's fiction. Sometimes reality can be more shocking than fiction. Nobody is trying to change someones beliefe, if people are strong in their faith nothing should effect them.
How about redoing the first one in 3D it might gross more money for the sequels.

Jesus said "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn " 'a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law - man's enemies will be the members of his own household." Matt 10:34-36