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February 23, 2010

'A Truly Scary Christian Film'

Cloud Ten Pictures says 'Dangerous Calling' is "definitely not for children or for the faint of heart"

Cloud Ten Pictures, the studio that produced the Left Behind movies, is distributing an indie flick that it claims is "bound to stir up controversy."

"Dangerous Calling is going to shake things up," says Cloud Ten CEO André van Heerden says of the studio's first suspense/thriller release. Adds owner and chariman Paul Lalonde, "It's not everyday you come across a truly scary Christian film. Dangerous Calling may raise some eyebrows, but we're proud to be distributing it."

The movie, with the tagline "Church politics can be deadly," depicts a new pastor in a small-town church who stands up to a few members who oppose his ideas. As a result, the pastor and his wife face dire consequences. Cloud Ten says the movie gives "a nod to films like Psycho and Misery."

Dangerous Calling can be purchased here. The trailer:


I'm glad to see a Christian film company try to push themselves, but this looks atrocious. It's not just the trailer editing that makes it look bad; the acting and dialogue in these clips are just awful. Hopefully it's just a learning curve for the company and they'll improve in the next one, but if their past history is any indication, I don't see that happening.

Please tell me that no one really seriously considers themselves good stewards of Kingdom funds and produces this kind of rediculous stuff? If they would really like to tell church horror stories that can make the skin crawl, sit down with a room full of pastors and listen for awhile!

I'm not a Catholic, but anybody with a pair of eyes would have to admit that they're the only Christians who seem capable of making good films. Evangelicals just make silly, amateurish junk. It's embarrassing.

I have heard it said that the "church" is the only army which "shoots its wounded". A film like "Dangerous Calling" only serves to prove that point.

I really can't be sure what the people at "Cloud Ten" are thinking, but clearly they seem to be on a different planet than the rest of us.

With the Church facing scandals within and ridicule without, and with church leaders no longer regarded as the pillars of society that they once were, I would think that the last thing the church needs is a suspense film emphasizing church politics, intrigue, and, of all things, murder? And we can most certainly do without more "controversy.

With church friends like Cloud Ten who needs enemies?

If "those who are not for us are against us" then Cloud Ten needs as a matter of urgency to explain the value of "Dangerous Calling" to the church or, alternatively, why they are placing another weapon in the hands of the church' enemies.

Church to Cloud Ten! If you really love the brethren, come back down to earth and help us, or you might as well refer to yourself from now on as "Judas".

Of course, look what New Life Church did to the Haggards in the name of "restoration." Maybe it's time Christians stopped being so thin-skinned and started taking some criticism with a good dose of humility. Maybe we'd learn something.