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February 16, 2010

Film Explores Link Between Faith & Science

Indie flick to open in Grand Rapids, MI, and go wider in the weeks ahead

With Academy Award winners Louise Fletcher and Ernest Borgnine playing small roles, a new film shot in Grand Rapids, Michigan, allegedly explores the relationship between faith and science.

The Genesis Code, opening in Grand Rapids, asks, "Is the six day story of Genesis true or is what science teaches us about creation true? The Genesis Code explores the idea that perhaps they are both true and science has 'caught up with' the truth of the Bible."

Here's the trailer:


I went and saw The Genesis Code out of curiocity, wondering how Grand Rapids was portrayed in the movie (and to see which landmarks I recognized)and I was very pleasantly suprised. I hope to go see it a second time, I would heartedly recommend it to anyone. The 'scientific'explanation of how the big bang's 15 billion year age & the six days of Genesis one match up, only reflecting differing perspectives brought back memories of how I reasoned, as a former atheist, to the existence of heaven, the dimension where God and His angels reside.