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February 4, 2010

Has Gibson Moved on from Anti-Semitic Remarks?

An innocuous question prompts Gibson to get agitated and to curse at the interviewer

Four years ago, in a highly publicized incident, Mel Gibson was arrested for DUI, an incident during which he became belligerent and made anti-Semitic remarks to the police officer, who was Jewish. Many fans who had embraced Gibson for his fine movie The Passion of The Christ were in turn disgusted by his behavior. Gibson's later divorce and affair with a much younger woman -- with whom he has fathered a child -- didn't endear him to audiences much either.

So when Dean Richards of Chicago's WGN-TV simply asked Gibson if he thought fans had "moved on" from those past incidents, Gibson -- who certainly should be prepared for such questions -- got visibly agitated and said, "Well, I certainly hope so. That was a while back, and I've done all the necessary mea culpas, so ... let's move on, dude." Richards thanked him for the interview, and, thinking he was off the air, Gibson said into a live microphone, "A--hole."
Gibson later said the remark was directed at his own publicist. Hmm.

Richards later blogged his impressions of the incident, noting, "The true measure of a person is how they act when they think no one is looking. More than the content of the interview, here we get a crystal clear view of a man who claims to be sorry for his actions and claims to be a changed man. Apparently, that's only if he thinks that no one can see the 'real' him."

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Anti-Semetic??! I think not, anti Zionist/Globalist is more like it. Mel's a fine actor & director...irregardless of how the controlled "mainstream" press tries to demonize him!

Although I never saw _The Passion_ for various reasons, it sounded like it was a work of Gibson's heart. It's amazing then, after such exposure to Christ and His sacrifice for us, that Gibson has not had his heart touched in some way to accept Him and live a life of a better character that what he apparently is.

Who among us, no matter how strong our faith is, and our love for Jesus, and our desire to please God, would want their sins of just one week, or just one day, displayed to our family, friends, or the public? I'm not writing this to excuse what he said, and it was a really stupid thing to do. But just because he made the film "The Passion", does not transform him into a sinless human being.

The Apostle Paul in Romans 7 makes it perfectly clear that he was disgusted by his own sinning, and called himself "a wretched man". "19For the good that I want, I do not do, but I practice the very evil that I do not want." NASB

I wrote a post about this for Sun-Times Media's What Do We Believe? blog:


We're all sinners saved by grace, but I've been really disappointed by Gibson's repeated moral failures since he made "The Passion of the Christ."

Mel Gibson was beaten in the press for "The Passion" before it was even released or viewed, claiming it was 'antisemitic'. He had to defend himself constantly, but yet the crusade against the film continued, it continued even after critics and movie goers said it wasn't antisemitic in the least.

"The Jews are the cause of all the wars" was the bulk of his antisemitic 'tirade.' Note that Israel had waged another war that same day, so at least his 'tirade' was topical. After the hell he's been through from the press, and after giving 2 apologies which Jews in the press said "wasn't good enough", and still pestered him and smeared him, I would be on edge too if I were Mel Gibson.

Whether Mel Gibson is or isn't an antisemite, he's got more than enough good reasons to be one after all this.

I'm a Catholic and I have to say that Mel Gibson is an embarrassment to our Faith. I believe that after Gibson made such a strong public stand for Christ, Satan aimed for him and Mel just wasn't strong enough to resist. However, I know that the man was brought up right and is fully aware of the deadly sin he is wallowing in, and mark my words that he will publicly repent sooner or later.

The anti-semitic comments on this story are reprehensible. "Greg" says MG has good reasons to be anti-semitic? And "SaveOurRepublic" tries to hide his hatred for Jews under the cover of opposing "Zionism," a great throwback to Mein Kampf. I hope none of you claim to be Christians.

The anti-semitic comments on this story are reprehensible. "Greg" says MG has good reasons to be anti-semitic? And "SaveOurRepublic" tries to hide his hatred for Jews under the cover of opposing "Zionism,"