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February 2, 2010

LOST character study: Sayid's Redemption?

Will the tortured torturer reach a point where he can let go of his troubled past?

Chris Seay, author of The Gospel According to Lost, is video blogging for CT while in Hawaii for the big premiere event. In one of several brief character studies, Seay wonders if Sayid will be redeemed in this final season by finally letting go of his tortured past and embracing his future, or will his final words of Season 5 -- "Nothing can save me" -- be his epitaph? Chris's thoughts:

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I am so, so sad to say it, but I have a bad feeling Sayid may be one of the characters who does not ultimately find redemption. He has taken upon himself the full weight of his past sins, and I think he's right--nothing can save him now, because he's won't let it. It's difficult to come to the realization that some of my favorite charactes probably won't find a happy ending!

wow... i think you may have totally missed the "rebirth" idea at the end of episode. He dies and is reborn.