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February 1, 2010

LOST characters: 'I Really Want Jack to Be Right'

Will Jack Shephard transition from being a man of science to a man of faith in Season 6?

Chris Seay, author of The Gospel According to Lost, is video blogging for CT while in Hawaii for the big premiere event. In one of several brief character studies, Seay wonders if Jack Shephard will be redeemed in this final season by his decision to embrace "destiny" by dropping a bomb (literal and metaphorical) on us at the end of the last. Chris's thoughts:

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Fascinating. I just stumbled onto all your videio blogs. Locke as Moses really works for me. I'm reminded of when Locke sees the Black Smoke and 1. survives & 2. says it's beautiful.

Moses got to see more of God's glory than any other man and survived.

However, according to my read of good & evil, I don't equate Smokey w/ God.

Love your insights.